Black Lives Matter.

The Center for Equity and Inclusive Excellence stands in solidarity with our administration, students, and colleagues in the commitment to dismantle racism and its interconnected structures in our culture. It is the core vision of our center to support the liberation of individuals and communities through challenging systems that disenfranchise, denigrate, and dehumanize. We uplift difference as a strength and collective action as a necessity. We use these philosophies to challenge white supremacy and other forms of bias, harassment, discrimination and hate. In this time we commit to more listening, more growth, and more action.


The Center for Equity and Inclusive Excellence (CEIE) serves as an institutional hub for the creation and support of inclusive practice and equity development for all members of the Elon community.

Operating Definitions

Inclusive Excellence is a state of being in which all members of the university community embody an active, intentional commitment toward achieving equitable outcomes through:

  • Drawing collective strength from university members with multiple abilities, perspectives, and identities,
  • Bridging engagement across academic classroom, curricula, and the out-of-class experience, and
  • Developing inclusive programs, pedagogies, policies, and practices.

Central to fulfilling the mission of Elon University in transforming mind, body, and spirit, Inclusive Excellence is achieved through an evolving process of continuous improvement and shared responsibility.

Diversity as the wide range of differences that exist among and across people related to their identity, experiences, thoughts, and perspectives. We believe that this range of differences is an essential component of the educational experience, a key aspect of academic excellence, and a crucial part of an inclusive community.

Inclusion as supporting and encouraging proactive behaviors that create a community in which each member is welcomed and supported. We seek a caring environment wherein diversity is valued, and appreciation for diversity is integrated into every aspect of campus. Navigating, incorporating, and caring for differences among and between our community members fosters a more dynamic, resilient, and creative community with the ability to thrive in increasingly complex communities. Inclusion involves promoting equity through intentional and deep engagement of our differences.

Equity (the goal) – The CEIE recognizes that equity is a multi-faceted term. We can conceptualize equity as social justice in which each member of our community is able to achieve their fullest potential, without social barriers created systems of oppression. We recognize that equity development means always working toward this goal through incorporating ever changing social factors.

The CEIE does this through:

  • Offering comprehensive response to bias and violence
  • Connecting with community partners and resources
  • Organizing and facilitating bias and violence prevention efforts
  • Creating and implementing faculty and staff educational opportunities
  • Providing leadership on policy and practice improvement
  • Partnering with campus leaders to examine the built space contribution to inclusion


The Center for Equity and Inclusive Excellence strives for a campus community in which each member feels valued and celebrated for their individual contribution as well as their engagement across difference. We also strive for a collective strength of diversity that maximizes the positive potential in the contribution of different identities and perspectives. Our goal is to support the liberation of individuals and communities through critiquing systems that disenfranchise, denigrate and dehumanize. We work toward the development of equitable practices that center the voices and experiences of minoritized and historically marginalized populations.

Focal Areas