Creating a Safety Planning

If you are experiencing relationship violence, stalking, or sexual violence, you are strongly encouraged to seek help and support. Safety plans can look different for every individual and depend on your level of comfort, your experiences, and your needs. Options for creating a individualized safety plan include working confidentially with the Julia Metz or calling Safeline at 336-278-5009. To schedule a meeting with Julia Metz, click here or email here at

Safety Planning Tools for Relationship Violence

Safety Planning Tools for Stalking

Survivor Support

If you or someone you care about has experienced sexual harassment, sexual assault, or sexual exploitation, there are many resources available:

  • Confidential advocate– to schedule a meeting with the confidential advocate, click here or call 336-278-5009. The confidential advocate can also be reached by email at
  • Safeline– 24/7 confidential advocacy phone line available at 336-278-3333.
  • Counseling services– located at the R. N. Ellington Center for Health and Wellness, 301 South O’Kelly Avenue. To make an appointment call 336-278-7280.