The Center for Equity and Inclusive Excellence offers interactive workshops to foster individual and collective reflection on the complexities of identities and skill building around reducing and intervening biased behaviors.

Inclusive Lens Workshops

These workshops are done by request for departments and divisions across campus to further learn about or integrate skills and practices related to diversity, inclusion, and global engagement. Leigh-Anne Royster, Director of the Center for Equity and Inclusive Excellence, will work with your area to tailor a session that addresses the individual needs of your department or division. Overall, Inclusive Lens Workshops can help employees:

  • examine how identity impacts team and professional functioning
  • explore ways to enhance efforts to celebrate diversity in your area
  • develop skills for working with different student and community populations
  • discuss how diversity impacts supervisory relationships and responsibilities

Inclusive Community Conversations- Tier I

This three and a half hour, interactive workshop is offered at least once a semester, by request, and during the summer Joining Elon program for faculty and staff and is designed as an introduction into the conversation. During this workshop, participants will work toward developing a shared language around bias awareness, deepening our understanding of the complexity of identities, and practicing responding to incidents of bias. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in personal reflection as well as small and large group discussion. There will also be an overview of resources on Elon’s campus to help you navigate learning more about identity and constructively responding to incidents of bias.

Inclusive Community Conversations- Tier II

This three and a half hour, interactive workshop is offered at least once a semester and by request for faculty and staff that have already participated in Tier I and is designed as a deeper dive into the topics introduced in that session. During this interactive workshop participants will have an opportunity for personal reflection, small group, and whole group engagement around implicit bias, intersectionality, and taking responsibility for disrupting unjust systems and interactions.


To request or discuss options regarding these workshops, contact Leigh-Anne Royster.