Committees Supporting Diversity, Inclusion, and Global Engagement at Elon

To support Elon University’s commitment to Diversity, Inclusion, and Global Engagement, there are multiple committees, councils, and working groups continually assessing and pushing forward our efforts to fulfill these values. These entities bring together people and expertise from across campus from diverse and interdisciplinary teams.

The Provost Inclusive Community Team (PICT)

The Provost Inclusive Community Team (PICT) is a coordinating body with representatives from the centers presented on this site as well as student life, the provost office, human resources, admissions, and alumni relations. PICT members work in collaboration to advance the University’s strategic priority of an “unprecedented university commitment to diversity and global engagement.”

Inclusive Community Council (ICC)

Inclusive Community Council (ICC) provides institutional oversight for programs and policies to further a campus climate that upholds the dignity of each community member and oversees campus-wide response and education to acts of bias and discrimination. This includes:

  • Engaging in periodic training on best practices in bias response programs and building a culture of understanding and respect
  • Reviewing campus climate survey data and patterns of bias incidents on and off campus, both domestically and abroad
  • Staying abreast of the various populations that comprise the Elon community and initiate programs based on their needs
  • Reviewing policies and grievance procedures as needed
  • Advising the Director of Inclusive Community Development on programs and initiatives
  • Advise the President on progress and additional ways to strengthen an inclusive learning environment
  • Monitor diversity and global engagement strategic planning

Consortium for Diversity and Inclusion Content Experts (CDICE)

Consortium for Diversity and Inclusion Content Experts (CDICE) is composed of faculty and staff members from across campus with deep knowledge of issues related to diversity and/or bias and discrimination. These staff and faculty members have committed to create educational programming to address both immediate and long-term needs. This consortium:

  • works to develop public forums that address specific topics and/or incidents
  • provides tailored educational opportunities in the event of incidents of bias, discrimination, or harassment
  • coordinates regularly occurring FacStaff Diversity and Inclusion Roundtables and the COR110 Diversity and Inclusion Roundtables promoting accessible conversations around many of the constructs that impact diversity and brings awareness to multiple forms of identity, power, privilege, and inequality

Task Forces

Special task forces or working groups as needed including, but not limited to, the Elon University Presidential LGBTQIA Task Force, Presidential Task Force on Black Student, Faculty, and Staff Experiences, the Task Force on Social Climate and Out of Class Engagement, and others. More information about current and past task forces can be found on our progress and planning page.