Information, Dialogue and Education

At the first meeting of the Athletics Diversity Committee the discussion centered on the need for information about the student-athlete experience and the significance of dialogue in promoting an inclusive environment for all student-athletes. Additionally, the committee is charged with identifying opportunities for furthering intercultural competencies for both students and staff. As a result, the work program is structured around three categories: information, dialogue and education. Interwoven throughout the work program are items that are intended to address the findings of the LGBTQIA Task Force as well as the Task Force on Black Student, Faculty and Staff Experience.


  • Devise a method for collecting more specific information about the experience of student-athletes as it relates to inclusion. Utilize current data collection instruments as much as possible. Determine how that information will be evaluated annually.


  • Co-sponsor an annual speaker or panel discussion focusing on an aspect of diversity as it relates to athletics. Collaborate with appropriate University offices and departments (CREDE, Gender and LGBTQIA Center, El Centro, Truitt Center, Women’s , Gender and Sexuality Studies etc.). Focus on events and topics that relate directly to the experience of the student-athlete or address a current event or timely issue in college athletics.
  • Create an opportunity for student-athletes and Greek organizations to continue to develop positive relationships to help address diversity concerns. Look for opportunities for collaboration around an event or dialogue that pro motes diversity and inclusion.
  • Create an opportunity to promote student organizations and affinity groups. An example would be a diversity theme around a game, where groups have tables (similar to college coffee) and are able to distribute information about their group.


  • Create a menu of options highlighting opportunities for education, particularly programs that can accommodate full team participation. Increase awareness of opportunities for coaches and staff. Develop a standard for ongoing diversity education for teams, coaches and staff.
  • Develop a semester calendar of events highlighting speakers and programs that provide opportunities for learning about different cultures and backgrounds throughout the year.

Download a PDF of the Athletics Diversity Committee Action Plan