Action Plan on Diversity, Multi-cultural Education, and Inclusiveness (2015-2017)

The following action items have been identified for implementation during the next two academic years. The Dean, the Director of Outreach, M.Ed. Director(s) and the chairs of the Education Department and the Health and Human Performance Department will take responsibility for implementing the Plan, which includes:

  1. Partnerships
    1. Continue to support The Elon Commitment, Theme One through the School of Education Diversity Working Group.
    2. Continue to investigate ways to plan with the Alamance-Burlington School System (ABSS) to address The Elon Commitment Strategic Plan goal of building stronger schools, providing community leadership and advocacy on behalf of PK-12 education.
    3. Partner with the Kernodle Center for Service Learning and Community Engagement, the Year of Service initiative, and the Peace Corps education and health preparation tracks to address inequities regarding education and health in our community and in the world.
  2. Professional Development
    1. Provide professional development opportunities for Education faculty, staff, students, and community partners on issues of Diversity, Multi-cultural Education and Inclusiveness through the Center for Race, Ethnicity, and Diversity Education (CREDE).
    2. Provide gift funds through the Stewardship Committee to support diversity work among students, faculty, and cooperating teachers to partner more intentionally on issues of culturally responsive pedagogy.
    3. Offer professional development on diversity and multi-cultural education for teachers who serve as mentors for our interns in all of our partner schools during Student Teaching Orientation each spring.
    4. Increase involvement in Celebrate focusing on faculty research on themes of multi-cultural education including: (a) the development of social justice in teacher candidates, (b) diversity pedagogy, and (c) critical dialogues.
  3. Curriculum Review and Revisions
    1. Continue to strengthen our courses by reviewing the undergraduate and graduate curricula and exploring how best to emphasize issues of social justice and informed advocacy, including enhancing School and Society (EDU 211 & SOC 243) gateway courses with additional guest speakers with expertise in social justice in education.
    2. Explore internship opportunities for students both here and abroad.
    3. Consider integrating a Global Engagement ELR, badge, or certification into the curriculum.
  4. Recruitment
    1. Continue to recruit diverse faculty, staff, and students to enrich our classes and programs at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Download a PDF of the School of Education Diversity Plan