Position Description

The foundation of a job classification system is a standardized position description that is used for jobs across the university. Elon has developed a universal position description template and distributed it to departments across the university. Position descriptions using this template are being updated and collected by the Office of Human Resources and shared with consultants to inform the development of a job architecture system.

Job Catalog

A job catalog is a comprehensive list of positions currently maintained at the institution.

The Job Architecture system

Each position has a set of four attributes that determine its place in the job architecture system:

  • Job family – Job families are used to group positions based on a similar nature of work and utilize similar skillsets, characteristics, disciplines and functional areas.
  • Job subfamily – Within each job family are several subfamilies that are classified by more specific skills. For example, the Facilities Management family may include subfamilies for landscaping and grounds, building trades, environmental services, etc.
  • Career stream – A career streams provides an outline of potential career progression based on current level, type of work and required skills. Elon has four career streams:
    • Professional Service and Support
    • Professional
    • Management
    • Executive
  • Career level – Levels indicate the standard of mastery required to meet the position requirements. Positions within job levels have different sets of knowledge, skills, ability and experience requirements. For example, a position may be Professional (Entry) or Professional (Experienced).


Title: Accountant

Summary: The Accountant performs professional accounting and administrative work which assists in maintaining the University’s accounting and budgeting functions and responsibilities and exercises independent judgment and discretion in planning and carrying out the details of work procedures and methods. The Accountant receives an occasional review, but work is primarily reviewed through normal accounting systems and audits.

Minimum Qualifications

Education: An associate’s degree in accounting or a related field is required; a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field is preferred. An equivalent combination of years of experience and education may be considered for substitution of educational requirements.

Experience: At least one year of prior experience in accounting or a related field is preferred.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

1. Prepares required and assigned reports by compiling, researching and analyzing data.

2. Prepares monthly summaries and reports for internal use by compiling information and reconciling various ledger accounts.

3. Prepares journal entries for the general ledger and various subsidiary ledgers by compiling, researching, and analyzing data regarding updates needed.

4. Performs monthly reconciliations by reviewing the work of the accounting clerks and others to ensure their work is accurate and complete.

6. Prepares audit workpapers for the fiscal year audit by researching and analyzing the year-to-date accounting information.

7. Assists in the preparation and construction of the University Internal Operating Budget by gathering information, analyzing financial data, and compiling the budget document.

Based on the sample position description above, within Elon’s job architecture system, the position might have the following attributes:

  • Job Family – Finance
  • Job Sub Family – Accounting
  • Career Stream – Professional
  • Career Level – Entry Professional