Elon is developing a university-wide framework to guide salary administration policies. To create more consistent and competitive pay levels in positions across the university, Elon will work with the assistance of consultants to develop an employee compensation plan, meeting the following objectives:

  • Establish and maintain a competitive compensation structure based on comparisons to appropriate external labor markets while also considering internal job values
  • Ensure that the compensation plan is administered strategically, consistently, effectively, efficiently, fairly and equitably
  • Ensure that all guidelines and institutional practices are legally compliant with all relevant federal and state regulations
  • Provide employees with a clear understanding of how to develop a career path at Elon
  • Articulate the relationship between institutional strategy and employee performance, recognition and rewards
  • Provide managers with tools and resources¬†to coach and guide employees through career opportunities at Elon
  • Simplify the university‚Äôs compensation administration processes