In addition to the University’s sick, vacation, personal and leave of absence policies Elon has developed a Temporary Continuity of Work/Instruction Plan to further support faculty and staff employees who may need to be temporarily away from campus due to COVID-19 illness or closures. Elon’s Continuity of Work Policy for faculty and staff will remain for as long as quarantine and isolation protocols are in place. This plan may not be appropriate for all university employees, and it is only intended for short-term, temporary use for the following instances:

• Quarantine or isolation due to a COVID-19 exposure or positive test result

• Caring for an immediate family member’s illness related to COVID-19

• Remaining at home due to a daycare or school closure related to COVID-19

Any faculty or staff who is approved to alter their current work schedule or work away from campus for a temporary period of time is expected to comply with all relevant university policies and guidance and to remain in regular contact with their supervisor/department chair as if on campus.

After the initial work of contacting health care providers and ensuring plans are in place for illness and care, employees should notify their immediate supervisor/department chair and Human Resources to receive guidance on next steps and for questions about appropriate resources and supports. This plan does not replace any other leave options available to Elon employees. Any university employee who anticipates being away from campus for more than 80 hours (staff) or 10 business days (faculty) due to COVID-19 should contact the Office of Human Resources.

Continuity of Work Plan for University Staff

University staff may request to work from an approved location other than their on-campus workspace on a temporary, short-term basis for the specific instances outlined above related to COVID-19. Employee requests should be submitted to the Office of Human Resources via the Staff Continuity of Work Request and include documentation of required isolation or quarantine, or daycare/school closure. The Office of Human Resources, in consultation with the employee’s immediate supervisor and Vice President, will review and approve the employee’s requests to continue working on job duties that can be performed temporarily from an off-campus location. An approved Continuity of Work Plan generally will be provided to the employee within 48 hours of receipt of an employee’s request.

Staff may use accrued sick, vacation, personal and/or leave without pay (if other leave is unavailable) as appropriate for any COVID-related absences and all instances where work is not being performed and while a Continuity of Work Plan request is being approved.

Continuity of Instruction Plan for University Faculty

University faculty who will be off-campus for a temporary basis for the specific instances outlined above related to COVID-19 should contact their department chair to discuss options to provide students with continued instruction. The department chair, in consultation with the dean, Human Resources, and the Provost, as needed, will work with the faculty member to determine an appropriate temporary instructional plan based on the course design and student needs. Faculty should provide a copy of the temporary instructional plan, along with Faculty Continuity of Instruction Request, documentation of required isolation, quarantine or daycare/school closure, to the Office of Human Resources.