Before you can begin working with your new computer, you’ll need to do a few tasks to complete setup. Since some items use your Elon login information, please complete the following steps while logged into the computer as yourself:

Step 1: Login on campus (wired network)

The first time you login to your new computer, you’ll need to be on-campus. Your computer must be docked and/or plugged into the wired network (not connected to Wi-Fi). After this initial login, you’ll be able to login anywhere.

Step 2: Restore your files with Syncplicity

  • The Syncplicity login pops up automatically.
  • Type in your Elon email address – do not enter your password and verify the box is checked. Press enter.
  •  If an error message pops up, close it.
  •  Enter your Elon username and password. Press enter.
  • Continue through until the process is complete keeping all defaults.

Note: Restoring your files will take awhile. It’s safe to continue to the next steps while your files are restored. Large backups can take 1-2 days to complete.

Step 3: Activate Microsoft Office

Open Word. If prompted, follow the steps to authorize it.

Note: If you have having difficulty finding Word, we would suggest checking out our Windows 10 documentation to help you navigate the changes in the operating system. You may notice that Word is a bit different in looks than you are accustomed. As mentioned before, all new computers come installed with Office 2016 

Step 4: Setup your email

Open Outlook. Follow the prompts and leave all of the default settings.

Step 5: Verify

Restoring your files and emails may take a long time. Please be patient. Once it’s complete, check that all your
files are on your new computer. We will keep your old computer for at least one week in case you need to retrieve any files from it.

If Applicable

Reinstall Adobe Products
If you had Adobe products installed on your old computer (e.g., Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, etc.), locate the Creative Cloud Suite icon in the bottom tool bar. Double-click this icon and login with your Elon credentials. Note: These programs are tied to your Elon login.

Reinstall all Personal Programs
If you had any programs not supplied by Elon you will have to reinstall those programs.

Canon Office Printers
You will need to re-install you Canon Office Printer. We have instructions on the Technology Wiki to help with this.
Canon Printer Installation Instructions