1.0 Purpose

To establish a process for approaching and executing proposed changes across Instructional & Campus Technologies to ensure that changes are made in a thoughtful way to minimize negative impact to services and customers.

2.0 Scope

This policy applies to all changes involving Elon University technology, where the service or component is managed by Instructional & Campus Technologies.

Changes outside the scope of this policy include: IT components not controlled by Instructional & Campus Technologies, IT components not yet in production, development environments, and testing environments.

3.0 Definitions

Change – The addition of, modification to, or removal of systems and/or services managed by Instructional & Campus Technologies.

Change Advisory Board (CAB) – A selected group of representatives from throughout Instructional & Campus Technologies that: exists to support the authorization and approval of changes; assists with the assessment and review of Change Requests; and provides guidance to the Change Manager.

Change Manager – The owner of the change management process is responsible for documenting normal change approvals and leading Change Advisory Board meetings.

Change Owner – The individual responsible for implementing and completing the change.

Continual Service Improvement – The process of reviewing and analyzing changes to make informed recommendations on improvement opportunities in the future.

Emergency Change – Emergency Changes are implemented quickly to avoid major impact to business and/or to resolve a severe incident. Additionally, since they must be implemented as quickly as possible, emergency changes typically involve greater risk.

Emergency Change Advisory Board – A selected group of representatives comprised of ICT directors to provide approval on emergency changes.

Request for Change – A broadly-defined term that describes the overall process of requesting a change. The Request for Change contains different components dependent on the nature and type of change discussed. Alternative terms are: change request or change form.

Risk – A situation involving exposure to danger.

Risk Assessment – The act of using a predetermined scale analyzing impact against probability to calculate the risk of a proposed change.

4.0 Policy Statement

Changes to IT services must follow a standard process to ensure appropriate planning, communication, execution, and review to minimize service disruption for users while also allowing for continual service improvement. Any request for change is subject to applicable approvals and should be documented, categorized and rated with regard to its potential to disrupt university operations and services.

The Change Manager oversees the change management process to ensure changes are properly submitted, evaluated, and authorized. The Change Advisory Board will meet on a regular basis to examine and evaluate submitted Requests for Change prior to approval. An Emergency Change Advisory Board will be utilized to evaluate and approve emergency changes.

5.0 References

Will contain links to other policies, standards, guidelines and/or procedures that impact, clarify, or implement this policy.

5.1 Policies

Change Management Policy

5.2 Standards

Cherwell Standard

Change Submission Standard

Impact Assessment Standard

5.2 Guidelines

Change Advisory Board Guideline

Communication Guideline

5.3 Procedures

Pre-Authorized Changes

Normal Changes

Emergency Change