1.0 Purpose

Elon University provides computers for a wide range of university faculty and staff. Campus Technology Support maintains and supports these computers. Campus Technology Support has established clear and uniform procedures for transitioning an existing computer away from employees who have are leaving the University (either by quitting, being terminated, or their contract expiring), in addition to procedures for compiling the appropriate information for a new employee coming to Elon University. We ask supervisors to compile all the requested information listed below before contacting the Technology Service Desk so we may quickly address your needs.

2.0 Scope

This policy applies to those University employees in supervisory positions. Supervisors are responsible for collecting this information so the Technology Service Desk will be able to more effectively serve your needs.

3.0 Policy

The following are the expectations and requirements of supervisory faculty and staff responsible for technology hardware of University employees after their departure and prior to the arrival of a new employee.

3.1 Timeline

Supervisors should be advised that the process for formatting computers may take up to ten (10) business days to complete. In order to prevent delays for new hires, it is recommended that you begin the re-imaging process for a University computer as soon as the original user departs the university. As such, supervisors should start this process based on the following situations:

  • Employee who has been terminated: Supervisors may begin this process as soon as the firing has been reported.
  • Employee who has quit: Supervisors may begin this process after the employee’s last day of employment.
  • Employee whose contract has expired: Supervisors may begin this process after the employee’s last day of employment.
  • New Employees: It typically takes Human Resources between 48 and 72 hours to complete the processing of paperwork for new employees. Supervisors should encourage any new hires to fill out HR paperwork BEFORE their start date in order to prevent any delays with account creation. The Technology Service Desk is unable to configure the computer for new employees until their accounts have been created. Although, we do have the ability to create a temporary faculty staff account that will allow domain login until the new account is created. Supervisors may have computers configured for new employees AFTER all paperwork has been processed by Human Resources.

3.2 Required Information

The following information is required for supervisors to provide in order to start the process of re-imaging a computer for departing and new employees:

  • The AV number of the computer in question. This is a 5-digit number found on an Elon University Campus Technology sticker affixed to the computer.
  • The location of the computer.
  • The termination date of departing employees or the start date for new employees.

3.3 Data Backup

It is the responsibility of the employee and supervisor to save or backup any material required for the position. Important work or data that may need to be retrieved at a later date, past the departure date of an employee, should be saved to a departmental shared drive, or other location accessible by others in your area. Campus Technology Support is not responsible for ensuring that data is backed up following the departure of an employee.

3.4 Hardware Pick up (Terminated Positions)

If the position of a departing employee is eliminated and you no longer require the associated technology hardware (PC, laptop, monitor, docking station, printer, etc.), you must contact the Technology Service Desk and file a work order to have the equipment picked up by a technician. Be advised that any equipment turned over will be used or disposed of at the discretion of Campus Technology Support. If, at a later time, a department decides to keep the position and rehire after returning hardware to Campus Technology Support, it is the responsibility of the department to purchase new equipment for the position.

3.5 Hardware Pick up (Positions with Extended Vacancies)

If the position of a departing employee will not be filled for an extended period of time, you must contact the Technology Service Desk and file a work order to have the equipment picked up by a technician. Hardware for positions that will be filled after an extended period of time will be monitored and stored for safekeeping until the equipment is needed again. Once the position has been filled, you may contact the Technology Service Desk to have the hardware delivered to the appropriate location.

3.6 Computer Re-Imaging

After an employee has departed the university, the supervisor is expected to contact the Technology Service Desk to file a work order to have the computer re-imaged. By having the computer re-imaged at this point, supervisors can save time preparing for the arrival of a new employee. Please note that turnaround times may vary depending on the time of year.

3.7 New Employee Arrival

Before their first day of employment, new employees should fill out and submit all paperwork to Human Resources before the account creation process may begin. If Human Resources has processed all the appropriate paperwork (the new employee is listed in Active Directory), supervisors may submit their requests to the Technology Service Desk in order to have a technician configure the computer for use. Supervisors should be prepared to provide the following information:

  • A list of any applications or login credentials required for the new employee (VPN access, Colleague access, Raiser’s Edge, etc.).
  • Any other special configurations that may be required.

After a work order has been created, a technician will follow up with the request as soon as possible. Please remember we are unable to configure computers for employees who have not yet been processed by Human Resources. If the computer has not been re-imaged prior to the arrival of a new employee, this will significantly affect the resolution time of your request.