1.0 Purpose

Elon University supports a wide variety of client-level software applications in faculty/staff offices. New client-level software applications must be reviewed and approved by Campus Technology Support to verify proper interaction with other installed applications and equipment.

By using University computers, users agree to abide by the guidelines listed below. Any questions regarding this and other policies should be addressed to the Assistant Vice President for Technology.

2.0 Scope

This policy applies to all users of Elon University computers.

3.0 Policy

Client-level software applications must meet all guidelines listed below.

3.1 Guidelines

Campus Technology Support MUST have two or more weeks advanced notice of major departmental software installs.

The initial purchase MUST include enough licenses for ALL computers on which the application is to be installed. Written documentation MUST be provided to verify software licenses. Elon University strictly adheres to all copyright laws. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Software must be compatible with standard computers and current operating systems.

The software MUST have manufacturer’s support.

No DOS-based software will be installed.

No shareware will be installed unless there is manufacturer’s support.

Only one version of any software package may be installed at any given time. Older and newer versions installed together may cause conflicts.

Please verify that Elon University does not already own a software package that meets your needs. Purchasing multiple software packages that essentially do the same thing uses up valuable resources.