1.0 Purpose

This policy establishes conditions for use, and requirements for appropriate creation of an Elon University system password.

2.0 Scope

This policy applies to anyone who has a user account ID with Elon University.

3.0 Policy

In order to protect the integrity of the Elon University systems as well as the users, it is necessary to create a password that would be difficult for someone to guess to gain unauthorized access to a user’s Elon University account. A password must be at least eight (8) characters in length of which at least two (2) must be numbers, one (1) must be a capital letter, and one (1) must be a lowercase letter. It must be significantly different from previous password. It cannot be the same as the user ID. It cannot include the first, middle, or last name of the person issued the user ID. It should not be information easily obtainable about the user. This includes license plate, social security, telephone numbers, or street address. The user should safeguard the password by not writing it down or storing it in a public place where others might acquire it.

Passwords should never be shared. For security reasons, Instructional & Campus Technologies staff are unable to take, receive, or ask for any information pertaining to a user’s account (e.g., password). As such, it is the user’s responsibility to make themselves available to enter such information themselves when troubleshooting technology issues with Instructional & Campus Technologies staff.

Users will never be asked to provide a password via email. Never email your password to anyone.

All use of the Elon University Account is assumed to be performed by the person assigned to that account. Account owners are held responsible for all activities associated with their accounts.

4.0 Services

Changes to passwords can be completed at any time using https://www.elon.edu/password.

If you have lost or forgotten your password, please visit the Campus Technology Service Desk and please remember to bring your Elon University ID/Phoenix card.