1.0 Purpose

Elon provides Virtual Private Network (VPN) services for connectivity to secure systems. Users are required to utilize VPN to access systems and services from off-campus.

Campus Technology provides secure services to the University community by limiting some of its services to only be used by computers on the Elon Network. That means some services will not be available through an Internet Service Providers (ISP) from off-campus, unless accessed through the Elon Virtual Private Network (VPN). In addition to configuring some software, VPN users will need to use their Elon ID (username) and passwords for authentication.

2.0 Scope

Elon University views network security practices as a key function of technology. If you need more information regarding secure connections, please contact the Campus Technology Support at 278-5200. Any questions or concerns about Elon security policies should be directed to the Assistant Vice President for Technology.

3.0 Policy

On Campus use of VPN:
Users who are not in a secure office indicated by a secure door with protection from the external public must use VPN from their desks when accessing secure services.

How do I access VPN software for access to Elon services?
Connecting to the VPN Server may require a piece of software called a VPN client. VPN clients are available for each operating system. The VPN client supported by Elon is the Cisco VPN client. Visit the Remote access and VPN page for configuration instructions.