Available Services

Need technology support for a campus event? In addition to providing media equipment across campus, our team offers professional technology support and staffing for campus events. Request event support below and we’ll reach out to discuss your specific needs and how we can help.

Services for supported events may include:

  • Live Event Production
  • Sound Reinforcement
  • Video Playback (PPT, media, etc.)
  • Video Capture
  • Streaming

Requesting Support

To request event support, please complete this form and a member of Media Services will be in touch.

When requesting support for an event, please submit your request while in the initial stages of planning the event to ensure availability. While we do our best to accommodate all requests, we’re unable to guarantee support for requests submitted fewer than 10 days prior to an event. If you need immediate support for an event, you may still submit a request and our team will evaluate the request on a case-by-case basis. For events we’re unable to support, we may recommend that you check out your own media equipment or request assistance from one of our approved vendors.

Before making a request, we also recommend reserving a venue in advance using the 25Live reservation system. Once confirmed, you may complete and submit the Event Technology Request Form to request event support or equipment. If at any time you have questions about your request, please call Media Service at (336)278-6598.

Event Technology Support Policies

Planning an Event

For help planning an on-campus event, visit the Event & Space Management webpage for a comprehensive planning guide.

Supported Events and Services

Media Services offers technology support for a variety of university-sponsored events including conferences, meetings, concerts, and special events. Some of the services available for these events includes live event production, sound reinforcement, video playback, video capture, and audio/video streaming. For questions about supported events and services, please feel free to contact Media Services directly at (336)278-6598 or at mediaservices@elon.edu.

Due to the high volume of requests, we’re unable to support recurring student organization meetings, student sponsored parties, intramural games and tournaments, or public showings of television broadcasts.

In spaces where equipment is permanently installed, we ask that you provide a laptop if that is the only technology necessary for the event.

Video Shooting and Editing

Media Services offers video capture, editing, and distribution for events that present compelling and educational material. These events often feature guest lecturers and field professionals whose expertise greatly benefits the Elon community. Typically, videos are posted on the Teaching and Learning Technologies YouTube channel and/or Elon’s video site, Learning On Demand. If the material should be limited to an Elon audience only, access can be restricted to users with an Elon username and password.

Media Services is generally unable to capture:

  • Class lectures
  • Class presentations
  • Content for departmental archives
  • Internal departmental meetings
  • Content featuring copyrighted media

Note: It is the requester’s responsibility to obtain a signed video release form within 24 hours of the event start time in order for Media Services to record the event.

Supported Spaces

Requesters can reference 25Live to determine their technology needs based on the equipment that is currently installed in each of Elon’s venues. Because many venues are already equipped with technology, additional technology may not be needed. The scheduling staff in Media Services will take into account the needs of the event and adjust the level of technical support based on the capabilities of the venue.

The Event

The requested equipment will be set-up and ready no less than 30 minutes prior to the event start time. If problems arise during the event, or if the event ends earlier than specified, please call the Technology Service Desk at (336)278-5200. The event organizer is responsible for equipment left unattended during or after the event.

For highly technical events, Media Services may be able to provide an event support technician to stay in the room for the duration of the event.

Equipment Rental and Outsourcing

There are occasions for which equipment must be rented. Generally, this is due to insufficient inventory to meet the event’s needs. Other times, Media Services event support will suggest outsourcing in response to late requests during busy periods. In these instances, a quote will be generated for approval before confirming the event. Any expenses will be charged back to the requester’s departmental account. If the event requires a DJ, the DJ is responsible for providing their own equipment. For users not affiliated with Elon, please look over the Media Services event technology support rental rates below if the event will be held on campus.

For non-Elon staff or faculty requesting support, please see the equipment and staffing rates below:

  • Basic Presentation/Meeting/Reception – $100/day*
    (Includes: laptop, projector, screen, presentation remote)
  • Guest Speaker – $50/day*
    (Includes: podium microphone, sound system)
  • Multimedia Presentation/Meeting/Reception – $150/day*
    (Includes: laptop, projector, screen, CD/DVD player, podium microphone, sound system, presentation remote)
  • Computer Cart – $400/day*
    (Includes 24 wireless laptop computers)
  • Concert for 75-200 people – $250/day**
    (Includes: speakers, stage monitors, up to 4 microphones on stands, direct input boxes, mixing console)
  • Concert for 300-500 people – $500/day**
    (Includes: speakers, stage monitors, up to 16 microphones on stands, direct input boxes, mixing console)

Add on Equipment

  • Wireless handheld or lapel microphone – $50/day
  • Laptop – $50/day
  • Mixing console – $75


If your event requires a technician to be present during the event, labor is charged at the following rate:

  • Elon Professional Staff Member – $50/hour
  • Elon Student Staff Member – $25/hour

*The rental fee includes the equipment and delivery, setup, and breakdown of the equipment.

**Due to the complexity of setup for this type of event, a minimum of two technicians is required. Labor is charged at the same rate as above per technician.


Media Services offers a variety of conferencing platforms available to faculty and staff. For questions regarding specific needs, please contact Media Services directly at (336)278-6598 or at mediaservices@elon.edu.

Audio Conferencing Services

Audio conferencing provides a voice-only connection to a single person or group of individuals located in different areas.

For small group conference calls hosted on campus, consider using the speakerphone on your office telephone.

For larger group meetings, Media Services offers larger format telephones that can be checked out and used for your meeting at no cost.

Please contact the Media Services checkout desk at (336)278-6598 to reserve conferencing equipment. For calls in which multiple people will be calling in, a conference bridge must be requested and set-up in advance.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing provides a way for you to communicate with remote participants. Media Services supports a variety of video conferencing platforms including Skype, Google Hangouts, and WebEx.

Uses Include:

1. Distance Learning

2. Sharing lectures with students at other universities

3. Interviews

4. Bringing remote guest lecturers into the classroom

5. Conducting research group meetings with colleagues at different universities

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing tools typically utilize a computer to provide you the ability to hear and see participants while giving you the ability to share different types of multimedia elements. Media Services offers the ability to host a web conference through your own personal WebEx room or Google Hangout.

Live Event Streaming

Media Services can support live event streaming for select university events intended to reach a wide outside audience. We will evaluate streaming requests on a case-by-case basis.