Please complete the following request for long-term equipment checkout from Media Services. Due to limited supplies, your submission of this request does not guarantee equipment availability. We will monitor requests and use this information to inform potential equipment purchases.

Requests for Fall Semester 2021 are now being approved on a rolling basis. Instructors who are approved for equipment will be notified via email about scheduling their equipment pick-ups, and others will be notified if they have been placed on a waiting list.

Available equipment, which is compatible with classroom technology installations, includes:

USB Microphones

USB microphones enhance the quality and volume of a speaker’s voice for remote listeners during video conferencing or while recording video or audio. Portable and universal, these devices can be plugged directly into the USB port on most laptop and desktop computers. For computers without a USB port, adapters may be used. USB microphones are ideal for blended, online or emergency remote instruction. These will not amplify your voice for students in the face-to-face classroom environment.

Audio Amplification Devices

Combining a microphone and small speaker, audio amplification equipment is designed to increase the volume of a speaker’s voice for those in the room. These devices are battery-powered, wearable and ideal for blended instruction. This will also allow for any mics in the room to pick up your voice more easily as well.

Document Cameras

Document cameras are uniquely-constructed web cameras used to clearly display images of documents or objects to a projector screen or monitor. These devices also work with video conferencing services, which make them flexible tools for blended, online or emergency remote instruction. A possible use would be to write on a paper under the document camera to mimic a whiteboard.


Apple iPad tablets feature Wi-Fi, built-in web cameras, mobile apps for video conferencing platforms and access to other technology services offered at Elon. These devices also offer additional options for recording lectures, producing screencasts, managing course materials, streaming handwriting to mimic a whiteboard and more, which make them ideal for blended instruction.


A webcam is a video camera that connects to a laptop or computer and allows the user to stream an image or video in real time using an internet connection. Webcams are commonly positioned on a monitor or nearby using a mount or mini tripod.


If you have additional questions or need help with instructional technologies, request a consultation with Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT).