Blended: A Fusion of In-Person & Online Instruction

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Elon instructors will use a range of pedagogical strategies in their courses this fall while following physical distancing guidelines and other necessary measures to prevent the spread of the illness on campus. Although various course design models may be used, many instructors will combine in-person and online elements for a blended approach to teaching and learning.

Blended Instruction

Emergency Remote: An Urgent Transition

Academic continuity planning begins with asking yourself questions about the preparedness of you, your students and your course during an unexpected brief or long-term period of disruption. The key goal is to restructure your course in a way that will help students get the support they need to meet the most essential learning objectives. As you design your plan for remote instruction, think about how you will address continuity for each of the instructional activities in your course.

Emergency Remote Instruction

A Robust Virtual Experience

Online instruction and learning are significantly different than the swift transitions to virtual environments that occurs in response to emergency situations. Intentional, well-designed online courses involve an immense amount of planning and preparation that is most often not possible during a crisis or similar disruption.

Online Instruction