Laboratory and studio-based courses advance student learning through a variety of hands-on experiences and specialized equipment that promote problem-solving and critical-thinking skills development. Student engagement and participation are especially critical in these courses. While it may be impossible to fully replicate hands-on experiences online, modified learning objectives and adequate resources can aid you in effectively shifting lab and studio courses online.


Laboratory and studio-based courses can be challenging to sustain during a period of remote learning. Without student access to necessary equipment and materials, rethinking assignments and tasks for online instruction without sacrificing learning objectives requires careful consideration.

  • Prioritize critical learning objectives
    When adapting your course, it may be beneficial to review and reprioritize crucial learning objectives to provide students with optimal online lab or studio experiences. If there is an essential element that cannot be reproduced, try to identify alternative resources, such as simulation videos or pre-existing data, that you can use to demonstrate key elements or that students can use to meet related learning objectives.
  • Incorporate alternative independent learning experiences
    If you have concerns about students’ ability to meet learning objectives for your course, consider offering alternative independent learning experiences for students.
  • Demonstrate techniques, procedures or processes
    Consider using web-based tools to demonstrate lab or studio techniques, procedures or processes via live video conferencing or recorded video capture for on-demand viewing. Additional online resources, including video simulations and mobile applications, can also help you to bridge gaps and meet learning objectives.