A comprehensive list of all Gender and LGBTQIA events.

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Ally Trainings

Training sessions including the latest identity terminology, LGBTQIA history, homophobia, heterosexism, ally tips, real-life scenarios, and current events.

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Gender-Based Violence Prevention

The Gender & LGBTQIA Center collaborates closely with campus and community partners to create messaging and programming towards the prevention of gender-based violence, including sexual and relationship violence, gender-based bias and harassment, and stalking.

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#ElonHome 2017 will be November 3-5. Check out our Homecoming page for events and updates.

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Identity Weeks

Each year the Gender & LGBTQIA Center’s Student Assistants work on multiple Identity Weeks to increase attention, visibility, awareness, and education around specific identities across the LGBTQIA spectrum.

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Lavender Graduation

The annual lavender graduation honors LGBTQIA and Ally graduating seniors, as well as students, faculty and staff who have advanced inclusion, support and education around LGBTQIA identities at Elon.

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