LGBTQIA Toolbox logoWhat is LGBTQIA Toolbox?

LGBTQIA Toolbox is an inclusion modular program for colleges and universities. We offer our services to your campus to help you advance inclusion around gender and sexuality.

The LGBTQIA Toolbox consists of 8-to-10 customizable modules for universities in order to advance LGBTQIA education and campus climate, infusing knowledge and skills into institutional policies, procedures, and everyday interactions with LGBTQI & Ally constituents (i.e. students, faculty, staff, alumni, community members, etc.)

In today’s changing sociopolitical landscape, institutions of higher education and their surrounding communities are now more than ever engaged in dialogue about LGBTQIA identities, which are often seen as taboo or simply ignored.

Therefore, within each module, we tailor the level of learning based on 3 stages depending on the context that the community or college is set in (Emerging, Developing, Transforming.)

The modules range from language, to managing challenges and conflict across competing diversity interests, to senior leadership strategic planning, to legalities and liabilities, to separate modules demonstrating inclusive leadership for faculty, for staff, and for student leaders. Each module is approached from a lens of inclusion around LGBTQIA identities.


Brooke and Matthew Antonio helped to leverage the energy, knowledge, and resources of a diverse group of campus partners as we work to make our campus even more diverse, inclusive, and equitable. Our partners left feeling energized, connected, and empowered to make change within their spheres of influence. I recommend this workshop to any campus grappling with LGBTQ inclusion issues and asking, where do we go from here?

Angela Mazaris, Ph.D., Director, LGBTQ Center, Wake Forest University

Brooke and Matthew Antonio were a dynamic duo of education, enlightenment, and entertainment. They presented in a session for faculty and staff and a separate session for students. In both cases, they showed themselves to be on the cutting edge of how to support LGBTQIA constituents on any campus. These discussions can sometimes be awkward and inhibited, but Brooke and Matthew Antonio were able to use humor to disarm their audiences, and have an open and progressive discussion on a full array of issues facing LGBTQIA people on campuses. They left both presentations with their audiences applauding and wanting more. We were so impressed at Stetson that we followed up and brought them back the next year to continue their work of educating our campus to be as inclusive and supportive as we can be for all of our community members.

Joe Morrissey, Professor of Law and Co-Chair of the Stetson University College of Law Diversity Committee


For more information or to book us at your university please contact Matthew Antonio Bosch or Brooke Barnett.