All forms of interpersonal violence are violations of an individual’s rights. It is everyone’s responsibility in the university community to become sensitive to and educated about the legal, social and university codes regarding behavior in these areas. Students who believe they have been the victims of interpersonal violence, including sexual violence have the right to report the incident in any or all of the following ways:


  • Title IX Coordinator: Mike Neiduski (336) 278-5787
  • Any Elon University “responsible employee/mandatory reporter ” under Title IX

Under Title IX and OCR, every effort will be made in all Title IX reports and investigation to keep the identifying information of the individuals involved private. Read Elon’s Title IX Policy here.

The following officers and individuals are designated as mandatory reporters when they receive reports or complaints of alleged sex and gender-based discrimination including sexual harassment, sexual assault, and other forms of sexual misconduct involving students.  Mandatory reporters include chairs, deans, department and senior administrators, supervisors, human resources staff, campus safety and security, student conduct administrators and residence life professional and student employees.  Faculty and other employees supervising overnight domestic or international student trips are also required to report violations of Title IX.  All mandatory reporters must promptly report the incident to one of the University’s Title IX Officers, who will determine the most appropriate course of action to ensure a prompt and equitable response, in accordance with University policy. The Title IX  Officer will contact the Coordinator for Violence Response so that the victim/survivor can receive immediate support.

Public Record

Law Enforcement: 9-1-1
Campus Safety and Police – Phone: (336) 278-5555 (24/7) and Address: Oaks Commons, 416 North Williamson Avenue, Elon, NC 27244
Elon Town Police – Phone: (336) 584-1301 and Address: 104 South Williamson Avenue, Elon, NC 27244
Burlington Police Department – Phone: (336) 229-3500 and Address: 267 West Front Street, Burlington, NC 27215
Any Hospital – Alamance Regional Medical Center or Moses Cone Memorial Hospital
A victim may file initial reports with law enforcement without filing charges. If a victim decides not to press charges the initial report will still become public record but the victim’s name will not be included.


  • Safeline: (336) 278-3333 (24/7)
  • Coordinator for Violence Response – Phone: (336) 278-5009 (M-F 8 – 5) and at Powell Building 314
  • Counseling Services – Phone: (336) 278-7280 M-F 8 – 5 OR (336) 278-5555 (24/7)
  • CrossRoads Sexual Assault Response and Resource Center – Phone: (336) 228-0360 (24/7) and Address: 1206 Vaughn Road, Burlington, NC 27217
  • Family Abuse Services – Phone: (336) 226-5985 (24/7) and Address: 1950 Martin Street, Burlington, NC 27217

There are some limits to this confidentiality – if a child was involved in the attempted or completed interpersonal violence or if the victim/survivor is currently at risk for fatally harming themselves or others.