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Global IGF 2008 – Video from Day-Two Workshop: Evolution of the Root Server System

Panel Discussion IGF 2008 PhotoThe purpose of this workshop, sponsored by the Global Internet Policy Initiative (GIPI), was to provide a basis for a better understanding of the root server system and to explore how it is evolving in response to increased requirements. The workshop provided an introduction to the root server operators, how they cooperate and how they contribute to the stability and secure operation of the Domain Name System (DNS). Among the people featured in the video clips from this panel are Paul Wilson and Stephen Crocker, pictured at right.

The root server system is evolving along with the evolution of Internet functionality and user needs. In particular, progress is being made in its extension to include IPv6 capabilities, IDNs, introducing DNSSEC into root operations, growth of more root server copies, and increased distribution of the signed root zone. All of these activities are important to understand if the importance of the root server system and the current structure of the DNS is to be understood. It must operate well, without compromise, for the continued functioning of the DNS and the Internet as a whole.

Among the panel members were –
George Sadowsky, GIPI – moderator
Paul Wilson, APNIC, regional Internet registry for Asia Pacific
Nurani Nimpuno, Autonomica/I-root
Akinori Maemura, JPNIC for WIDE/M-root
Stephen Crocker, Shinkuro

These video clips were recorded from thousands of miles away as a remote capture of the live web-video stream produced from IGF. The files have some dropouts, freezes and other glitches, but for the most part the video and audio are clean and clear. Special thanks to the technical advisers who handled the video streaming from IGF to allow remote participants to play a role. Due to technical limitations on the receiving end, some of the content of this session was not recorded. The clips here are from the concluding segment. These are QuickTime video files that require a high-speed connection. We will later link them on YouTube in a smaller, more convenient file size. The clips here are from the concluding segment of this panel.

> Video clip 1: Stephen Crocker on DNSSEC protocol and handling security
> Video clip 2: Stephen Crocker talks about deploying DNSSEC and about end users
> Video clip 3: Stephen Crocker on algorithms and crytographic export policy
> Video clip 4: Paul Wilson and Nurani Nimpuno on the average cost of installation
> Video clip 5: Paul Wilson and Nurani Nimpuno on estimating traffic

Additional information can be found on the IGF site.

Panel Discussion IGF 2008