“I love LASO because I feel understood and supported as a Hispanic student on this campus. Coming from a public school education to a private one was a big transition, but through organizations like LASO I have learned to adapt while still retaining part of my identity. Incoming students should know that LASO is a organization not only for Latin American students, but for any student that is interested in the Spanish culture. You will have an established support system once you join LASO and will make friends that can last for a lifetime!”

Alejandra Orellana-Portillo ’15, International Studies Major and Spanish Minor

“LASO shows to the Elon University community that all minorities can become successful and fulfill their dreams and goals no matter their status or situation. Latino students, as well as other minorities, are the future and we must give them the opportunity to succeed. LASO is also important to campus life because the organization is creating a network of support and success for all minorities. As an organization LASO is raising awareness, acceptance and action to the Elon community and through hard work and dedication it will make Elon a more diversified campus.”

Brian Delgado ’15, Psychology Major and Neuroscience Minor

“LASO bursts the ‘Elon bubble,’ it gives me a place to see different opinions from what is considered the norm. The organization is important to campus life because it fosters intellectual diversity.”

Clarisse Abayisenga ’15

“LASO has given a voice to Latino students and has allowed us to share the beauty and richness of the Latino culture. It also provides support and encouragement for Latino students and those who appreciate the Latino culture.”

Nicole Morillo ’12, International Studies and Spanish Major

“I love  LASO because it is a wonderful family, providing the means to embracing and cultivating Latino heritage. LASO is important to campus life for an incoming student because it helps establish connections and bonds through love of all things Latino, and enriches the cultural experience of new students.”

Nicole Payne ’15, Piano Performance & International Relations Major, Spanish Minor

“LASO offers me an opportunity to keep up with the Spanish language as well as the Latin American culture that I grew to love in high school. LASO is a fairly new organization with a modest member size but lots of potential and I would love to be around to witness both the growth in size and impact on the Elon community. While LASO is still in its infancy, I see it as a valuable tool to network with fellow students. As an incoming student I could have benefited from the positive and supportive atmosphere that LASO has today, but unfortunately it wasn’t around then. Not only can the organization help you with language, culture and a sense of social awareness; LASO can be a great resource to get you involved with nearly any other interest that you have.”

Sheldon Faison ’13, Environmental Studies Major

“LASO allows me to teach others about my Hispanic culture while sharing it with a family who cares about me and is always there for me to eat yummy food and sing pit bull songs with me (among other things of course). It is an amazing way to meet people while learning about Latin American culture. Everyone is welcome!”

Maia Szulik ’15, Sociology Major

“As a fellow Hispanic, I feel like this organization is a real support system. LASO helps keep me be in touch with my native roots, it reminds me of who I am and where I came from. LASO is not only for Hispanic students — it is open to people of all backgrounds who are interested in the Latin American culture. One reason LASO is important is because it brings a different perspective to Elon’s campus, it gives us a voice.”

Ana Gabriela Brambila ’15, Public Health Major