Elon Law Intramural Moot Court Competition and LMC Oral Argument – Judge Volunteer Form – Spring 2019

Thank you for your interest in volunteering your time and expertise to judge oral arguments for Elon Law students this spring.

This spring, there are two opportunities for you to volunteer: (1) the annual Intramural Moot Court Competition; and (2) the oral arguments in the 1L Legal Method & Communication (LMC) course. Each 1L Elon Law student will present an LMC argument as the culmination of that course. Then, roughly one-half of the 1L class will register to compete in the 12th annual Intramural Moot Court Competition.

We appreciate your response by May 16, but we are glad to accept volunteers up to the dates of the arguments.

The Intramural Moot Court Competition seeks judges for Tuesday, May 28, Wednesday, May 29, and Monday, June 3. The arguments are at 6:00 and 7:30 p.m. each night. Dinner will be served each evening of the competition.

The LMC course oral arguments are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, May 20-22. The LMC arguments are spread throughout the day.

Your participation is crucial to the success of the LMC course arguments and Intramural Moot Court Competition, and our student Moot Court Board and LMC faculty are very appreciative of your support.

Each oral argument round lasts approximately 60 minutes. We would ask, if possible, that you judge two hour long rounds. If you can only judge one round or if you could judge more than two, we would appreciate that as well. We would appreciate your arriving at least fifteen minutes before the first round(s) you are judging.

Prior to the oral argument sessions, you will receive a bench brief that consists of the moot court problem, cases and other authorities that will be helpful to judges.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Judge Recruitment Chairs for this year’s Intramural Competition, Emily Benson Chatzky (ebenson3@elon.edu) and Logan DeHart (kdehart@elon.edu), or the overall Chairs of the Competition, Haley Lohr (hlohr@elon.edu) or Kelli Rawlinson (krawlinson@elon.edu).


Alan Woodlief
Sr. Associate Dean, Assoc. Professor of Law, Director of the Moot Court Program