The application process for applying for a Judicial Residency involves two steps. Completing this form is the FIRST STEP. The SECOND STEP is to email the required application materials for each of your preferred placements to by APRIL 30.

All applications will be reviewed by the Director of Residencies. The Director will consider your application form and your accompanying documents to make submissions to participating Judges and Courts. She will aim to position every student for their most preferred placement, but there are a limited number of opportunities. In the end, it is the Judge or Court Administrator who will make the “hiring” decision. Some will require an interview before making a decision. For these reasons, it is highly recommended that you list four placements (the maximum allowed) that interest you.

If any of the documents submitted to the Director is incomplete or sub-par, you will be contacted to make corrections or to seek assistance.

Residency-in-Practice Preference Form for Judicial Placements

  • (after Winter Trimester grades)
  • Judicial Residency Placement Preference

  • You may apply to be considered for up to four (4) judges and courts ("placements"). List in rank order below the placements by name as listed in the Judicial Residency Catalog, along with your preferred trimester. For example, if you really want to do your Residency at the Wake County Family Court but have a slight preference for the Winter term, you would rank #1 as Wake County Family Court, Winter term and #2 as Wake County Family Court, Spring term. You could then list two additional placements.

    If no trimester is noted, it will be assumed that either term is fine with you. Be sure to pay attention to the trimesters each placement is offered. Some judges are accepting application only for one term.

    Pay close attention to any gpa requirement or other special consideration for those placements you are considering. Do not list placements for which you are not qualified. You will be wasting a bid.

  • Policies and Agreements

  • All applicants are required to initial the following statements indicating they have read and understand them.
  • By signing this application, a student certifies that he or she has completed this application and that the information contained in it (including the resume and other supporting documents that will be sent via email) is accurate. Misrepresentation of information contained in the application and supporting documents is a violation of the Elon Law Honor Code and may result in denial of acceptance, revocation of acceptance, or removal from the program. Information is subject to verification. Please type your name as an electronic signature in the space provided to acknowledge that you read and understand the statement above.