History of the Center for Leadership

Isabella CannonIsabella Cannon Leadership Program. founded the Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows Program (ICLP) in 1989. The ICLP developed from the Fellows program as a way to make leadership accessible to all Elon students. The ICLP was an intensive four-year program to help students realize and expand their leadership abilities.

During the first phase of the program, Emerging Leaders, students focused on “self.” Students explored their own personal leadership skills through workshops, campus events, serving the community, and shadowing campus leaders.

During phase two of the program, students furthered their leadership development by learning how to collaborate with others. Students developed an understanding of followership, how to handle conflict, group dynamics, in and out groups, and how to be a diverse local and global leader.

In phase three of ICLP, students worked to make changes in their organizations on campus. Students determined their own vision regarding personal and organizational change and developed strategies to facilitate that change. In the final phase of the program, students used the knowledge gained from the ICLP to serve the common good of the campus and community in the form of a legacy project. They also learned necessary skills and tools to help them effectively transition to life after college.

In May 2007, the Center celebrated the 15th anniversary of the first ICLP graduating class with an alumni reception and the Cannon Ball, along with tours and an alumni meeting.  The ICLP and the Leadership Fellows Program were the main focus of the Center for Leadership for many years.  That work continues, but in the past decade the Center for Leadership has also focused on offering leadership development initiatives for the broader student body.  The Leadership Studies Minor, Leadership ELR, Leaders in a Global World Living Learning Community, a collaboration with CREDE on the Intersect Conference, the Leadership Prize, Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society, and a series of co-curricular workshops and certificates provide a more robust experience for Elon students.

Recognizing that leadership happens in many contexts, we are working with departments all over campus to ensure students leadership development is infused where they find meaning and purpose in their passions.  There are many more new and exciting initiatives in the works!  Visit the rest of our website to learn more!