Center for Leadership Team

The Center for Leadership team is a group of students responsible for coordinating all programs and services offered in the Center for Leadership. Students commit to a year term transitioning over Winter Term and serving in the Spring semester and then the Fall semester .These programs and services are divided into distinct areas: CFL Senior Directors, Leadershops, Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows Program, Organization Development, Marketing, Intersect Conference, and the Alamance Youth Leadership Academy (AYLA). Although individuals have unique responsibilities, the common goal of all areas is the guiding principle of the team.

As a part of the Center for Leadership Team, students  grow personally and professionally. We look for students to further develop their individualized leadership style by overseeing other students and working with the CFL professional staff.  Listed below are key learning objectives for all team members:

  • Articulate personalized leadership definition
  • Apply personal values, passions, and interests
  • Model ethical behavior and integrity
  • Seek out and leverage feedback
  • Demonstrate flexibility
  • Value others’ perspectives
  • Communicate effectively
  • Respond to group dynamics

The 2018 Center for Leadership Team

Leadershops Director – Audrey Funk ’19

  • Double major in International & Global Studies and Spanish
  • Hometown: Canton, OH
  • Definition of Leadership: Helping others reach their full potential!

Outreach Director – Caroline Cirby ’19

  • Major in Sport & Event Management, Minor in Leadership, Spanish, and Women & Gender Studies
  • Hometown: Novato, CA
  • Definition of Leadership: Leadership is an ever-changing process of motivating and communicating with others to achieve a common goal or outcome.

Fellows Director – Emily Golden ’19

  • Major in Political Science & Policy Studies
  • Hometown: Cary, NC
  • Definition of Leadership: Guiding the shared struggle towards a common goal.

Leadershops Coordinator – Arianna Shahin ’21

  • Double major in Dance Performance & Choreography and Accounting
  • Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
  • Definition of Leadership: Guiding others to ultimately achieve a similar goal.

Leadershops Coordinator – Caroline Caplan ’21

  • Major in Media Analytics
  • Hometown: Newport News, VA
  • Definition in Leadership: Effectively facilitating the coming together of ideas of a group of people to reach a common goal, while being inclusive, productive, and engaging.

Leadershops Coordinator – Dory Boudett ’21

  • Major in Elementary Education
  • Hometown: Lexington, MA
  • Definition of Leadership: Empowering yourself and others to reach your maximum potential and collaborate towards a common goal.

Organization Development Coordinator – Susan Derasmo ’20

  • Double major in Policy Studies and Strategic Communication, Minor in Leadership Studies
  • Hometown: Cream Ridge, NJ
  • Definition of Leadership: Leadership is the ability to collaborate with and empower others to contribute to achieving a common goal.

Marketing Coordinator – Sofia Montalbo ’20

  • Major in Marketing
  • Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
  • Definition of Leadership: Someone stepping up to get a group to a common goal, while simultaneously giving the credit to the team and encouraging others to do the best job they can.

Intersect Coordinator – Amanda Ruvolo ’20

  • Double major in Secondary Education and History, Minor in Leadership Studies and Literature
  • Hometown: Stillwater, NJ
  • Definition of Leadership: Leadership is the ability to ethical, empowering, and inclusive while trying to accomplish positive change.

AYLA Coordinator – Jack Taylor ’20

  • Major in Strategic Communications, Minors in Business and Leadership Studies
  • Hometown: Sterling, VA
  • Definition of Leadership: Leadership is not only about stepping up for yourself, but helping others grow and gain a voice to make the world kinder and stronger.