The Center for Leadership is excited to provide Strengths Coaching.

If you haven’t taken the CliftonStrengths Inventory, email and we will get you started. You’ll receive the following:

  • Access to the CliftonStrengths Inventory Online – FREE!
  • Option to participate in a one-on-one coaching session to discuss your strengths and how to apply them in your leadership roles.
  • A Strengths workbook for you to personalize and reflect on questions around your strengths. It also includes activities you can do at home to work on applying your strengths.

The CliftonStrengths Inventory is a self-assessment that helps transform great potential into greater performance, uncovering your unique rank order of 34 CliftonStrengths themes.

Research shows that people who know and use their CliftonStrengths are:

  • more engaged in school/work
  • more productive in their roles
  • happier and healthier

Whether you’re looking to improve yourself or if you’re a leader wanting to empower your people to perform better, your efforts start with CliftonStrengths.

Email and we will get you started!