Our Story

The NC Local News Workshop was established in June 2020 as a response to the local news crisis in our state, especially the loss of local journalists and news outlets, and also to support transformative approaches to informing North Carolina residents on public affairs and civic issues.

We begin with a focus on North Carolina residents and communities, and support for people and organizations aiming to serve our state with information that fosters democracy and civic participation. We chose the name “Workshop” to capture our goal of providing space for people to work on challenges, build things, find tools and guidance, and try out ideas.

We work alongside news and information providers and in partnership with other state and national organizations, with a priority on inclusive, community-focused programs that provide:

  • Connection for people across the ecosystem of local news and information, through the NC Local weekly email newsletter and by facilitating partnerships, networking, and collaboration
  • Convening to support journalistic quality, inclusiveness, problem-solving, innovation, and professional dialogue
  • Capacity-building through resource links and connections, coaching, and assistance for organizations tackling individual or collective needs


A Few Words From Elon President Connie Book

Financial support

The NC Local News Workshop was launched with support from the North Carolina Local News Lab Fund.at the North Carolina Community Foundation. The Fund was established in 2017 by a group of local and national funders who believe in the power of local journalism, local stories, and local people to strengthen our democracy. The mission of the fund is to ensure that all North Carolinians have access to the news and information they need to make their communities thrive.


About our logo

The NC Local News Workshop icon and logo were desiDaniel Severancegned by Daniel Severance, a 2020 graduate of the Elon University School of Communications. Here’s what he says about the design:

“With a wide variety of values that make up the North Carolina Local News Workshop, a specific core symbol would not properly encapsulate everything the organization does. Conveying concepts such as unity and connection, as well as displaying homage to North Carolina, the logo incorporates a conceptual globe visual to acknowledge both the organization’s focus on local news as well as a more universal sharing of information; the overlapping curved lines appear as abstract latitude and longitude lines which write out the letters ‘N’ and ‘C’ for North Carolina’s initials. The incorporation of typefaces presents a nostalgic newsprint essence with a modern feel and the usage of red colors offers a lively presence with a solid footing.”