Elon will reinvent student experiences, gatherings, operations and events to ensure a vibrant and healthy student experience on campus. As always, Elon will remain student-centered, learning-focused and relationship-driven by reimagining student experiences outside the classroom to create healthy engagement opportunities for all students. In general, large gatherings will be strictly limited in keeping with local, state and federal guidelines.

Move-in & Orientation

Students moving into residence halls should not arrive prior to their appointment time, which will be provided by the Office of Residence Life. Students should limit the number of family members who help them move-in to a maximum of two.

On arrival to campus, all students must report first to the Schar Center for a Health Check-In, where they will show proof of COVID-19 testing, completion of required health training and signing of the Healthy Elon Commitment, as well as proof of immunizations (first-year students only). Students and their families will also have their temperature taken and receive a health kit (Elon-branded face covering, hand sanitizer, information, thermometer, etc.)

First-year students can see their check-in and move-in time for Aug. 14 or Aug. 15 on their Acorn accountsReturning students living in residence halls were assigned time for their health check-in on Aug. 17 or Aug. 18. Returning students living in on- or off-campus apartments were given several time blocks between Aug. 10 and Aug. 13, with a backup day on Aug. 18.

New Student Orientation

Orientation begins at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 15, and lasts through the early afternoon on Tuesday, Aug. 18. These four days are filled with activities and sessions that acclimate first-year students to Elon’s intellectual and social communities. While this will not be the same orientation as previous years, we will prioritize health and safety in addition to delivering on the New Student Orientation goals despite the changes. For more details, visit the New Student & Transition Programs website.

Major Campus Events

Large events at Elon during fall semester will be strictly limited in keeping with local, state and federal guidelines. In most cases, traditional events will be reimagined as virtual events to allow the community to attend via virtual technologies.

New Student Convocation, Fall Convocation, Family Weekend and Homecoming & Reunion Weekend will not take place in their traditional ways.

Concerts, performances and lectures will have attendance limitations, with a priority on student audiences. There will be no physical tickets or programs and seating arrangements will meet standards for physical distancing.

New Student Convocation

New Student Convocation will be redesigned as a live-streamed event accessible to all students and their families. Students will gather with their Elon 101 groups, which will add ceremony, formality and meaning as students watch the ceremony together, receive their acorns and hold sessions under the Oaks prior to, during or after the Convocation.

Family Weekend

Family Weekend, originally scheduled for October 23-25, will be reinvented for fall semester to allow families to participate via virtual technologies throughout the fall semester. Many ideas are currently in discussion to provide a rich set of options, including signature Family Weekend events, for student and family participation. Details will be shared here and at elon.edu/familyweekend later this summer.

Homecoming & Reunion Week

Homecoming & Reunion Week activities will take place virtually Oct. 12-18. These virtual opportunities include campus tours, thought-provoking discussions, social activities, milestone class and affinity reunion gatherings, opportunities to hear from leading faculty and alumni, chances to reconnect with alumni, faculty and staff, and more. Alumni award programs and some class and affinity reunion events have been postponed. Details about this year’s celebrations will be announced later this summer on the Homecoming & Reunion website.

Performing Arts & Cultural Events

Elon’s theatre, music and dance programs are developing plans for staging shows in the fall with limited audience attendance and perhaps the use of virtual technologies so patrons can access these outstanding performances. Events such as Lyceum programs and other events offered by Cultural and Special Programs (Second City comedy troupe, musicians, Baird Lecture, etc.) will be strictly limited and will utilize guidelines around face coverings, hygiene, significantly reduced attendance and capacity counts, and physical distancing. Whenever possible, and depending on performance contracts, events will be shared with the local community via live stream.

Event & Gathering Guidelines

Campus Recreation & Wellness

Campus Recreation and Wellness will make extensive health-related modifications for fall semester. Capacity of activity areas will be reduced, extensive cleaning requirements will be in place, towel service will be suspended and staff contact will be reduced. Check the online wellness resources page to stay active and well while maintaining social distancing.

Facilities Closures

  • Close Jordan Gym and racquetball/squash courts
  • Close Beck pool
  • Close unstaffed fitness center in PARC


Events will be modified on a case-by-case basis in accordance with appropriate guidelines:

  • Club sports and intramurals will follow NCAA guidance and adjust schedules to focus on smaller or online sports until restrictions are lifted.
  • SPARKS and student wellness programs will have decreased capacity.
  • The Fall Wellness Fair will be canceled, and possibly replaced by mini-wellness fairs.
  • The Elon Challenge course will limit group sizes/attendance and adjust activities to meet physical distancing requirements and adding sanitizer stations.

Student Organizations & Activities

Elon intends to foster a vibrant social climate through redesigned and engaging events and programs and to promote learning and wellness through active student organizations. Student organizations will reimagine events and meetings using physical distancing and virtual options for larger groups or students who are unable to participate in person. Student leaders will be trained before the fall regarding how to observe physical distancing guidelines, encourage face masks to be worn and hold meetings virtually when appropriate. Clear and standard practices will be established for student organizations of different sizes so that students know, in advance, how to manage their meetings.

Student Involvement, Event Management and Physical Plant have developed reservation and space usage guidelines for the fall to better support student organizations and activities. These guidelines include reduced attendance, face coverings, physical distancing and other requirements. Click here to read the updated guidelines.

Late Night Programs

Late Night programs will be continued, choosing dates and locations that allow for smaller events that include physical distancing and wearing of masks. Some events may be held outside. Others will be held in residential neighborhoods in smaller groupings.

Organization Fair

The Fall Organization Fair will take place virtually on Friday, Aug. 21 from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Information for how students can participate in this virtual experience will be shared during New Student Orientation.

Turner Theater Movies

Turner Theater Movies attendance will be decreased and movies will be streamed online when possible. Some movie events will be held in multiple locations with smaller attendance.

Kernodle Center for Civic Life

Elon’s Kernodle Center for Civic Life will continue to advance student leadership and citizenship as needs within our local community continue to increase through the pandemic. Safety and following of approved guidelines are necessary to protect both the local community and the campus community. The Kernodle Center will communicate with local agencies, nonprofits, governments, etc., to prioritize mutual benefit and safety, while taking the following actions:

  • Increase education and preparation of students, faculty and staff before engaging in any mutually agreed upon service or civic engagement.
  • Provide electronic educational material on how the COVID-19 disease has affected health, education, employment and other dimensions of community well-being.
  • Implement the Elon University 2020 Democratic Engagement Action Plan and maintain focus on fall elections and voter registration following approved guidelines.
  • Continue to develop E-Company strategies to provide virtual tutorial support to ABSS students and families.

Visit the Kernodle Center’s COVID-19 campus and community resources for more information on how you can engage with the community.