Elon has reinvented student experiences, gatherings, operations and events to ensure a vibrant and healthy student experience on campus. As always, Elon remains student-centered, learning-focused and relationship-driven by reimagining student experiences outside the classroom to create healthy engagement opportunities for all students. In general, large gatherings will be strictly limited in keeping with local, state and federal guidelines.

Major Campus Events

Large events at Elon during the 2020-21 academic year will be strictly limited in keeping with local, state and federal guidelines. In most cases, traditional events will be reimagined as virtual events to allow the community to attend via virtual technologies. Concerts, performances and lectures will have attendance limitations, with a priority on student audiences. There will be no physical tickets or programs and seating arrangements will meet standards for physical distancing.

Read our Event and Gatherings Guidelines

Campus Recreation & Wellness

Campus Recreation and Wellness has made extensive health-related modifications due to COVID-19. Capacity of activity areas has been reduced, extensive cleaning requirements are in place, towel service has been suspended and staff contact reduced. Visit the Campus Recreation & Wellness website for an overview of RecWell changes, along with other pages that include information on facility operationsprogram modifications and online wellness resources.

Student Organizations & Activities

Elon intends to foster a vibrant social climate through redesigned and engaging events and programs and to promote learning and wellness through active student organizations. Student organizations are reimagining events and meetings using physical distancing and virtual options. Read more about the new guidelines in place for all meetings, programs and events by student organizations.

In addition, Student Involvement, Event Management and Physical Plant have developed reservation and space usage guidelines for the fall to better support student organizations and activities. These guidelines include reduced attendance, face coverings, physical distancing and other requirements. Click here to read the updated guidelines.

Late Night Programs

Late Night programs continue, choosing dates and locations that allow for smaller events that include physical distancing and wearing of masks. Some events may be held outside. Others are takin place in residential neighborhoods in smaller groupings.


PhoenixCONNECT is an online platform for students to learn about the many opportunities for getting involved on campus. The site includes information about all recognized groups and organizations and showcases campus activities and events. Think of it as a “24-hour Organization Fair” for learning about student organizations, making connections based on interests, and getting involved at Elon.

Student Involvement Ambassadors

Looking to get involved on campus? The Student Involvement Ambassadors are available Monday through Friday to help students learn more about getting involved at Elon. The Student Involvement Ambassadors work directly with students to match personal and professional interests to involvement opportunities across campus. Visit them in Moseley 207 or schedule an appointment at studentinvolvement@elon.edu.

Turner Theater Movies

Turner Theater attendance has been decreased and movies streamed online when possible. Some movie events are being held in multiple locations with smaller attendance.

Kernodle Center for Civic Life

Elon’s Kernodle Center for Civic Life continues to advance student leadership and citizenship as needs within our local community continue to increase through the pandemic. Safety and following of approved guidelines are necessary to protect both the local community and the campus community. Visit the Kernodle Center’s COVID-19 campus and community resources for more information on how you can engage with the community.