Prior to arriving on campus, all students, faculty and staff are required to complete a PCR COVID-19 test as part of our shared commitment to a healthy campus community.

Initial Testing

Access LabCorp’s portal to request your test prior to your start date at Elon.

Please note: To enter LabCorp’s portal, you will need your Elon username (aka OnTrack username), which is the just the first part of your Elon email address (ex. Auxiliary employees please enter the full email address. Use all lowercase. If you have questions about your username, you may contact the Ready & Resilient Information Line at 336-278-2020 (M-F, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.) After submitting your sample, LabCorp will confirm with Elon that you completed the PCR test. You do not have to submit your results.

Testing Process & Instructions

When you visit LabCorp’s secure testing portal*, follow these steps:

  1. Verify your identity, using your Elon campus username and date of birth. On the first web page, use your Elon name. If Elon systems refer to you as Jeff (not Jeffrey Stein) or Randy (not Randolph Williams), use Jeff or Randy.
    • If, in the above example, for some reason, your Elon name (Jeff) doesn’t work, then try your more formal name (Jeffrey).
    • At the bottom of the first web page, enter your Elon username, the first part of your Elon email (ex. or Use ALL lowercase letters.
  2. Enter your mailing address and phone number. Use the address where you want to receive the test (no P.O. boxes) and phone number where you want to receive any follow-up calls from medical personnel. If you use use your campus address, please make sure to put the campus box number first (i.e. 2400 Campus Box, not Campus Box 2400).
  3. Enter CDC-required demographic data

* Make sure to allow pop-up windows on your browser before starting the process.

Please note: If you are shipping your kit back to LabCorp from campus, please drop it off at Mail Services in Moseley Center before 2:15 p.m. so they can alert FedEx to come to campus that day. Do not send it through campus mail.

Be aware that the LabCorp form will take you through a few screens, will send you an email confirmation that you need to respond to, and will also send you a final confirmation email (check your spam folder). As part of the process, you will authorize LabCorp to process your results, to share your progress in the process with Elon, and to share your results with our University Physician (students) or Human Resources (faculty and staff). Elon will be notified of (and will contact) students, faculty and staff who have not signed up, received their test kit, or submitted their test sample.

If You Test Positive

You will get a call from a medical provider as well as your local health department with quarantine and tracing guidance. Any student who receives a positive test result that they believe may not have been reported to the university by the county health department should upload a copy of their positive test result to their Phoenix Health Portal or send directly to the University’s medical director, Dr. Ginette Archinal, at garchinal@elon.eduFaculty/staff please contact Stephanie Page in Human Resources and your supervisor.