Project Timeline
Spring 2020

Departments submit their list of courses with the new, four-digit to the University Curriculum Committees for approval.

Data conversion: the new numbering system will be entered into the student information system for registration and degree audit use.  The academic catalog and curriculum management systems will be updated to include four digit course numbers.

Summer and Fall 2020 Systems testing will be coordinated by the Registrar’s office and Enterprise Solutions.  Testing of all ancillary systems such as Moodle completed.
Health Sciences curriculum updated for registration to begin in January 2021.
Spring 2021

Final updates to the online catalog, print catalog, and student handbooks will reflect the new numbering system.

The new system will be introduced to the student body in time for Fall 2021 undergraduate, MBA/MSCM, IMedia, MHE, and M.Ed registration in April.

Conversion of Law School data will follow on completion of the above.