Choose a course that enhances your intellect and meets your desire to enrich your education.

Jessica Gisclair is an associate professor of strategic communications teaching COM 400 in summer session I and COR 431 during summer session II. Gisclair enjoys instructing summer courses as it allows for more leisure conversations about topics that lead down different paths than during a regular term. She appreciates the variety of majors of her students and integrates the different disciplines and varied ideas into her course material and conversations. Believing that the online course environment is very collaborative, where the class is learning from each other by sharing own ideas and concepts.

Gisclair has taught COR 431-OL: Investigating Crime Fiction: The Taming of the Sleuth for three summers. The course lets students read and explore various crime fiction stories, from Murder on the Orient Express to The Hound of the Baskervilles, and consider the role law and investigative methods play in solving crimes. The aim is to further understand the political or socio-economic factors at play and realize that there is more to crime fiction than the entertainment aspect. In COM 400-OL: Media Law and Ethics, students study course material through readings, scenes from movies, and documentaries primarily about American media and the legal process. Students will keep a media culture notebook for critical thinking and creative ideas about American media culture. A potential student will expect to debate, solve hypothetical cases, and blog about their experiences in the course as they master the topics.

Gisclair encourages potential summer students to choose a course that “enhances your intellect and meets your desire to enrich your education.” Adding that picking a course that is of interest will allow a student to remain focused during the intense 3-4 weeks of study. Time will fly by so enjoy it!