Elon University is committed to your safety. With so many students living together in the residence halls and apartments, everyone plays an important role in fire safety and prevention.

Tips and Tools

  • Always know the evacuation paths from your room in the event that one is blocked.
  • A fire evacuation plan has been placed on or near the inside of your room/apartment door. Learn the plan and do not remove or cover the evacuation plan.
  • Smoking in all Elon University buildings is prohibited.
  • If you smell smoke or see fire in your building, pull the closest fire alarm and immediately evacuate the building; do not attempt to fight the fire.

If the fire alarm sounds in your building, do the following:

  • immediately exit the building if you can quickly and safely do so
  • grab your room key and/or ID card
  • feel your room door from top to bottom before opening it; if the door is cool, leave immediately; if the door is hot, stay in your room, dial 911, keep calm and wait for assistance assuming your door is cool and smoke has not filled the hallway, proceed to the nearest exit and immediately leave the building; do not attempt to put out the fire!
  • once outside, move away from the building and wait for further instructions
  • never ignore a fire alarm;
  • failure to vacate a building during a fire alarm is a violation
  • do not use the building elevator

Fire Hazards

The following items/behaviors are fire hazards in the residence halls and apartments and are prohibited:

  • Hoverboards (including self-balancing scooters, battery operated scooters, hands-free seaways, and similar items)
  • Microwaves and toaster ovens in res halls (except in Danieley Center)
  • Extension cords
  • Halogen lamps
  • Gas, charcoal or electric grills
  • Candles, incense, or fireworks
  • Holiday Lights
  • Space Heaters
  • Smoking indoors
  • Any open-coil heating appliance

For more information on fire safety visit the Campus Safety website.