Weather events can be unpredictable. It is important to review emergency processes and procedures prior to an emergency event. For your safety, please review the following measures:

1. Review the steps and recommendations on the university Emergency Preparedness website.

2. Sign-up for the emergency E-Alert Notification System and verify your settings to ensure you are receiving messages.

3. Review the Campus Evacuation Sites, so you know where to go to find shelter when you are in class or in your on-campus living environment.


If you are outside, immediately move indoors.
Move to an interior hallway or the lowest level of the building.
Take shelter under a desk or sturdy table.
Avoid upper floors, glassed areas and windows.

Severe thunderstorms

Powerful thunderstorms can bring hail, lightning and damaging winds.
Take shelter in the lowest level of a building.

Ice Storms, freezing rain and snow

Remain inside as much as possible
Stay clear of icy trees, rooftops and power lines.
Do not walk near ice and snow removal equipment.
Watch for slick spots as you walk.


The National Hurricane Center website offers around-the-clock information on hurricanes, tropical storms and similar weather situations. The website also provides extensive information regarding hurricane preparedness, hazards and much more.