EV! Alternative Breaks Program

Alternative Breaks are immersive service experiences designed to introduce students to new communities while working alongside local residents to address pressing social issues. Participating in an Alternative Break is a great way to get to know other students and get introduced to new types of service. Alternative Breaks are challenging experiences but are immensely rewarding. Check out this year’s programs below to learn more!

Fall Break 2017 (October 14-17)

  • Environmental Sustainability (Boone, NC): Volunteer with Turtle Island Preserve, an environmentally sustainable nature preserve, and learn about the way residents live.
  • Community Education (Asheville, NC): Work with a local charter school and other partners to foster a better educational environment for students.

Spring Break 2018 (March 17-24)

  • Housing Rehabilitation and Disaster Relief (New Orleans, LA): Work with a local partner to repair houses and help rebuild damage caused by Hurricane Katrina.
  • Native American Housing Disparities (Eagle Butte, SD): Serve with local community partners to gain a better understanding of the modern reservation system and the issues facing contemporary Native American communities.
  • Sustainable Agriculture (Clayton, GA): Partner with a local farm to work on biointensive agriculture and agroforestry.
  • Urban Health Disparities (Nashville, TN): Volunteer with public health agencies that serve urban populations experiencing negative health outcomes.
  • Criminal Justice Reform (Columbia, SC): Work with the South Carolina Juvenile Justice Department to learn from and mentor youth within the juvenile justice system.
  • Rural Education (Treasure Beach, Jamaica): Partner with a local primary school to work on school projects and teach in the classrooms.
  • Disaster Relief (Houston, TX): Work with a local partner to support clean-up and rebuild efforts as a result of the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Scholarships are available on a limited basis through the Kernodle Center for Service Learning and Community Engagement.

My favorite part was getting to know the kids and the locals. I loved working with them and I learned a lot from them about not only the world, but myself. I wouldn’t have traded my spring break for the world.

2013 participant

For questions about the Alternative Breaks Program, please contact Kyle Anderson at kanderson52@elon.edu.

Note: When posted, estimated costs include transportation (airfare or vehicle), lodging, food, and program costs. Once participants reach their destination, they will not need to pay for anything related to the itinerary. Participants may want spending money for things like gifts or snacks.