Elon Career Mentors are alumni, friends, and family who look forward to having career conversations with students navigating their career paths.

Become an Elon Career Mentor

For alumni and Elon friends and family open to having career conversations and student contact, you’ll need to update your LinkedIn profile, adding “Elon Career Mentor” to your volunteer section.

Example text for your Volunteer section:

As an Elon Career Mentor I am willing to:

  • Accept informational interview requests
  • Accept connection invites and introduction
  • Attend network building events (e.g., The Job & Internship Expo and Evening for Elon Alumni Networking Events)
  • Discuss my unique career path
  • Review your resume and cover letter
  • Post internship/co-op and job opportunities on the Elon Job Network (EJN)
  • Discuss the industry, organization, or company
  • Serve as a panelist, in person, or as a virtual guest

Please message me on LinkedIn if you would like to connect.

Connect with an Elon Career Mentor

For students interested in finding an Elon Career Mentor in a position or organization of interest, use LinkedIn to schedule a 15-30-minute informational interview by phone, in-person, or virtually.

To connect with an Elon Career Mentor:

  • Log into your LinkedIn profile
  • Search “Elon University” and then select
  • Choose “See Alumni”
  • Search Elon “Career Mentor” (be sure to use quotation marks to ensure you find actual Elon Career Mentors)
  • View hundreds of individuals who are members of the Career Mentor group
  • Find a Career Mentor in a position or organization that interests you and reach out