The Elon-Alamance Health Partners (EAHP) program, a partnership between Elon University and four health organizations in Alamance County, offers four recent Elon graduates the opportunity to engage in one year of meaningful service work to improve the health of residents in Alamance County.

Based on their strengths, interests and professional goals, these recent graduates are matched with one of the following agencies:

Alamance County Health Department

Alamance Regional Medical Center

Healthy Alamance

Impact Alamance

Program participants are considered Elon University nonexempt employees and given a contract for the one-year fellowship. In addition, they are entitled to all of the benefits, including the option to participate in health insurance, available to a full-time Elon University employee. Throughout their year of service, the Elon graduates receive strong mentorship from faculty and their supervisors, as well as professional development opportunities. Participants are also eligible for an incentive stipend at the completion of the one year program if they attend graduate school in North Carolina or accept employment in Alamance or a surrounding county.

2020-2021 Elon-Alamance Health Partners application information

2020-2021 EAHP Application

2020-2021 EAHP recruitment timeline

Alamance County Health Department

Alamance County Health Department is a local public health authority committed to protecting and improving the public’s health in Alamance County through programs in maternal and child health, family planning, communicable disease prevention and treatment, environmental health, and emergency preparedness.

EAHP Position Description for Alamance County Health Department

Alamance Regional Medical Center

Alamance Regional Medical Center (ARMC) is a community health system offering comprehensive health services (inpatient, outpatient, emergency, preventive health and education) to residents of Alamance and surrounding counties.

EAHP Position Description for Alamance Regional Medical Center

Healthy Alamance

Healthy Alamance provides a forum for community leaders and residents to come together to identify health needs and mobilize resources to address crucial issues in order to improve the quality of life in Alamance County.

EAHP Position Description for Healthy Alamance

Impact Alamance

Impact Alamance is a philanthropic foundation that gives over $2 million annually to improve outcomes in strategic priority areas; early childhood/school readiness, healthy eating and active living, healthy built environment, non-profit capacity, and K-12 education.

EAHP Position Description for Impact Alamance