Eligibility and Hiring

Who is eligible to work as part of the Elon University’s federal work-study or institutional work-study program?

Enrolled undergraduate degree-seeking  students are eligible to work as part of Elon University’s federal work-study or institutional work-study program.

Where can I search for jobs on-campus?

All enrolled students have access to the Elon Job Network, an online database of jobs and internships posted exclusively for Elon students and alumni.

When does a first-year student have access to the Elon Job Network?

Mid-July and an email is sent to inform incoming first-year students.

Are jobs created based on a student's interest?

Most departments hire student staff; however, openings are based on staff needs. Jobs are not created unless there is a departmental need.

What is the temporary employee procedure?

Supervisor must create a temporary position in AppTrack, which will go through the approval process. One the position is approved the student will apply through a link provided to them. Please contact Sherri Wolford in the Office of Human Resources at ext. 5560 if you need assistance with setting up a position in AppTrack.

What if I graduate from Elon and want to continue working during the summer following my graduation?

You lose your student status upon graduation.  Due to taxation regulations alumni can not work within a student employment program.

What is federal work-study and am I eligible?

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is an employment and need-based program subsidized
by the federal government that allows students to earn wages for employment. Federal
work-study status is given each year to eligible students, based on the level of need
determined on the FAFSA and the level of federal and institutional funding available.
Federal work-study students may earn a determined maximum earnings amount for an academic year that may be reimbursed to the institution by the federal government. To be considered for a Federal Work-Study award, you must complete the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and file the application with the federal
processor. The federal processor will process the application data and transmit the information to Elon.

Is FWSP a placement program?

No. Students must apply, be offered and accept a position.

Are Federal Work-Study Program awards automatically deposited toward tuition?

No. Monies earned once jobs are secured are paid directly to students in the form of direct deposit or a check. Students determine where funds are allocated.


New Hire Paperwork

What new hire documents are completed once hired and what forms do I need to bring to campus to complete new hire paperwork?

Tax forms and an I-9 form are completed once a student accepts an offer. All new employees MUST complete the I-9 verification process. You have to bring with you certain documents, which are detailed here. If you bring an item from List A then you only need one item. That is the only single document that will work. If you bring an item from List B you will also need one item List C. All documents must be unexpired and original. Copies will not be accepted. These are requirements of the federal government, not Elon University, and we must comply with these laws. You will not be able to start your job unless all of these things are taken care of first.

After I’ve accepted an offer, now what?

1. After your supervisor submits a work agreement you will receive an email from Human Resources (hr@elon.edu) with the next steps you should take.

2. If you do not have an I-9 form on file you will be instructed to make an appointment with Human Resources to complete this form. You will need to take
a. 1 item from list A
b. 1 item from list C AND 1 item from list C from this list of acceptable documentation to your appointment.
You will also submit tax forms and a direct deposit form during your HR
appointment. Human Resources is located in the Business Services Building, 314 Haggard Avenue, Elon, NC. (336) 278-5560. Because Accounting nor HR can legally advise you on tax forms, please check with your parents/guardians for advice prior to completing. If you already have an I-9 on file, see step 3.

3. You should receive an email instructing you to go on to your OnTrack account to accept a work agreement. Login to OnTrack, click on the Student Work Agreement to
complete. If you do not receive an email within three days of accepting the offer, look on your OnTrack account to see if there is a student work agreement available for you to
complete. Login to OnTrack, click on the Student Work Agreement to complete.
4. Please read and submit the agreement.


Payroll and Hours

How many hours can a student work when enrolled and in class?

An undergraduate student who is enrolled in more than one academic course may work a maximum 20 hours per week when classes are in session. Supervisors of students enrolled in one academic course may inquire with Human Resources about possible temporary employment.

May I work at more than one job?

A student may work in more than one position.  The maximum number of hours a student may work per week is limited to a total of 20 hours while classes are in session.  For example, if you work 10 hours per week in Job A, you may only work 10 hours/week in Job B.

How many hours can a student work when enrolled but not in class?

Student is an undergraduate degree-seeking student returning in the fall as an
undergraduate degree-seeking student:
*May have work study over the summer
*May work up to 40 hours a week if not taking classes or 20 hours per week if enrolled in a class.

Who is responsible for monitoring hours?

The employee is responsible for monitoring and ensuring that maximum hours are not exceeded. Because some students work two jobs with two different supervisors, the student employee is responsible for informing supervisors of schedules and hours.



What are reasons for immediate termination?

Drugs and alcohol, failure to follow organizational policy, violence or threat of violence.