From the Flame CHALLENGE

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The RULES rule.

Get the CLUES.

Hey, all you cool cats and kittens, The Council of Judges hopes y’all are ready for something we stole from the University of Chicago but made better because Elon University just hits different.1 Woah, don’t come at us like that. Shakespeare stole from previous artists, but only Sir Willie’s pieces were deemed masterpieces; yes, we just compared ourselves to The Bard.2 3  No, we will not disclose who we are.4

Let it sink in that you just read that first paragraph for no reason. Not to mention the footnotes. Wooo, let’s just hope there won’t be more of that.5 You might be asking, why am I reading this? Or even more importantly, who gave us this kind of responsibility? Well, we’ve got something planned for the semester that is straight fire. It joins the hallowed halls occupied by such timeless classics as Chef Candace’s Mac-n-Cheese bar and what you might feel after the habanero sauce at San Marcos. Introducing From the Flame……….[skipping administrative stuff the real adults wanted us to add].6 Here’s the tea sis. From the Flame is the only thing you are gonna care about all semester.7 What is it, you ask? We want you to imagine *most of this information is redacted* with a short Shetland pony.8 You know, something close to RDJ’s critically…well, critiqued performance of Sherlock Holmes… that short Shetland pony. Now put that on the most beautiful campus in the country.9 That is From the Flame.

The Council of Judges wants your vainglorious energy for From the Flame. This challenge calls you and your best buds to compete against other teams of buds.10 Beginning Wednesday, September 2, 2020 CE, a set of challenges/clues/riddles/puzzles/Bill Nye making the biggest comeback since Neil deGrasse Tyson/lifehacks/dances/ séances/cultural events/pai sho/sports/sing songs/et cetera/etcetera/etc/…11 12 will be released.  You’ll have until Monday morning before our first class time to curate, brainstorm, racketeer, snap-in agreement, document, acquire, and send what you think will get you the most points to The Council of Judges.13  There are no limits to your imagination.14 To make things even spicier, Szechuan sauce is fabled to make the bearer breathe fire.

To make things convoluted in a streamlined unambiguously confusing way, each event will have a maximum score; but wait there’s more, if you go above and beyond or just cater to The Council, The Council may give teams more points than the maximum score. But if the maximum score is denoted by the highest score possible, when a judge scores above the maximum score there is a new maximum score.15 16 In short, the points are objective, and the scoring is subjective. As contestants stand by perplexed, The Council of Judges will have full clarity unlike 2020.17 ¿Por qué no los dos?18 Make this part of your Elon lifestyle, and create teams with your compatriots to win more prizes.

Dr. Tina Das is the quintessential researcher for TikTok trends at Burlington.19 This breathtaking act of nature—From the Flame—lasts all semester.20 “Harry, did you put your name in the goblet of fire?”—loosely translates to “From the Flame will drop like a hot potato listening to Folklore at the beginning of the semester.”21 In hopes that the squirrels don’t dismantle the Ready and Resilient Plans, this semester challenge will run for a decade of weeks.22  Make this part of your Elon lifestyle, and create teams with your compatriots to win more prizes.23

Did someone say prizes?!?!?!? You heard right Phoenix.24 The team with the most points each week will get cool prizes.25  (The first week winners will get $100 in Phoenix Cash to be shared amongst their team for you to buy those amazing truffle fries at The Root or coffee at Oak House.) And, the team with the most points at the end of the Challenge will get even more!

Papyrus.26 27  The Council of Judges sends their gratitude for your unequivocal excitement. If you have any complaints please leave them on Dua Lipa’s Instagram comment section.28 If you would like to thank the outstanding members of The Council of Judges for their just, unbiased, and steadfast—for lack of a better word—adjudication, you can’t. The Council is fictitious-ish and a puppet much like the King of Ba Sing Say.29 As President Connie Ledoux Book infamously said:  Adventure is out there.  

– – – – – – – – – – –

If you didn’t understand any of the past statements, get off thot TikTok, and get on Elite TikTok. Here is a translation for those less educated in the art of thesaurusizing.30

From the Flame is a playful 10-week interactive challenge made up of scavenger hunt clues, riddles, events, costumes, and much more! The goals are to build a sense of community during this unique fall semester, start some new student-driven traditions for all Elon students, provide fun activities students can do with a regular small group of friends, and add some playfulness or a little stress relief to all our lives.

Students register teams of 3-7 and compete for points. Each week, on Wednesday at noon, the Council will release a list of clues/tasks/challenges to be accomplished and submitted (on Moodle) by Monday at 8am. Each challenge will have a maximum point value next to it, and the judges will determine how many points the team gets based on the creativity of the submission, attendance at the event, etc. These points will be tracked and tallied across the entire 10 week challenge for additional prizes at the end. The creative licensing of the Judges allows us to give additional points for going above and beyond in the submission.


1 Y’all is an alpha contraction. Fight y’all. The Council of Judges dares you.
2 Not to be confused with J.K. Rowling’s particular flavor of Bard, named Beedle
3 Consult Professor Scott Proudfit for some dank memes.
4 Call The Council of Judges truthers.
5 The Council lied…Alternatively: HAH, made you look!
6 I’m a real boy.
7 Except: classes, social distancing, Ready and Resilient guidelines, and a balanced breakfast.
8 Ask anonymous. If you didn’t like the answer just google it. You will feel better under your blanket of lies. Don’t let anonymous set you free.
9 If you came here for the link to The Princeton Review, you don’t go to Elon; you would have that ish saved. BLEED MAROON AND GOLD! EU U KNOW EU U KNOW EU U KNOW. #WhereIsKennethBrown
10 Claiming minimal bragging rights.
11 Each day in the sacred Maya calendar has a meaning. It tells the relationship among all things, including the animals, the land, humans, and everything in the cosmos. Kinda like a Pixar film.
12 “Most people think the lotus tile insignificant, but it is essential for the unusual strategy that I employ.”
13 Live reenactments of Act 3 Scene 1 in full hair and makeup will receive bonus points.
14 Except for the strict guidelines stated by The Council of Judges’ Supervisor. These can be found on the website we haven’t made yet. The Council of Judges is avoiding this task.
15 Any complaints regarding The Council’s only and final decision will be followed with a penalty of fifty yards and a demand for an apology for hurting The Council’s feelings.
16 Y’all remember derf.
17 Not to be mistaken by 2020 Eyeglass Superstore. Use promo code “BeiberFever” for 10% off Canadian purchases.
18 Aloha soy Dora. Can you find the heart of Rafiki?
19 Coat Factory.
20 OMG, we are like the virus.
21 She wrote a career-defining album, and what did you do? Memorize the lyrics to “Secret Tunnel”. Catch up, man. The neo-renaissance is emerging from the horizon.
22 Measured by the Gregorian calendar, of course. Not to be confused with the Julian calendar, which is 10.8 minutes longer.
23 Prizes have not all been decided and are subject to change (especially post-distribution), but will be worth at least $10 for each team member.
24 We all cringed right.
25 That’s right… Some real CA$H $$$$
26 A material similar to thick paper that was used in ancient times as a writing surface.
27 Follow the link for information on Dr. Dooley’s favorite font.
28 It doesn’t count as cyberbullying if the recipient isn’t affiliated with the complaints. As of today, From the Flame has received no complaints.
For so they say………
30 v.  1. The act of throwing the book at someone, otherwise known as using a thesaurus