What is it like to be Hindu at Elon?

Every Hindu student has a unique experience at Elon. Although the community is small, strides are being made by the University to expose all students to Hindu life and support Hindu Students. S. ’18 says, “It’s great! Although Hindu students are not the majority here at Elon, there is still an attempt made by the university to acknowledge t hat there are students of the Hindu faith here on campus.”

Who supports Hindu students at Elon?

S. ’18 says, “Professors who are in the religious studies department and the staff at the Truitt Center! There is also a large Indian community here in t he Triad who are great avenues of support and education.” Elon’s faculty and staff are committed to helping all students throughout their time here at Elon. Chaplain Jan Fuller and many other faculty and staff in the Truitt Center and different Academic Departments make an effort to support Hindu students on campus.

Are there any Hindu faculty and staff at Elon?

There are faculty/staff who are of Indian background and heritage and are Hindu.

Can I have fun and fit in at Elon if I don’t drink alcohol?

S. ’18 says, “Yes! Elon provides students numerous activities for those students who decide to not partake in the drinking culture here on campus.” Some of these events include Bingo night, Midnight meals, the Center for Race, Ethnicity, and Diversity Education (CREDE) events, the Truitt Center events, and many others.

Is there pluralism among the Hindu community at Elon?

S. ’18 says, “There is definitely a movement towards for pluralism for Hinduism here on campus. The number of students who identify as Hindu is growing, therefore so is pluralism for those students.”

Might I choose to celebrate a holiday at home with my family?

Elon supports all students who choose to celebrate a religious holiday. There is a religious observance notification form which students can fill out indicating their intention to miss class or campus duties for religious reasons. The form can be found online and has to be filled out within the first two weeks of the semester.

What opportunities will I have to celebrate holidays with other Hindus?

S. ’18 says, “Diwali and Holi are celebrated annually here on campus! But there are plenty of temples in the surrounding area in which holidays and daily practice take place.”

Are there Hindu Student Associations nearby to Elon?

S. ’18 says “Yes! There are associations on Chapel Hill and NC State’s campuses. Definitely will be an initiative to start one on Elon’s campus now that number in Hindu students has grown!”

Are their interfaith opportunities for Hindus?

Elon offers many interfaith opportunities open to all students including Hindus. Elon’s interfaith commitment aims at helping students understand their own spiritual identities while also giving students the opportunities to learn about different faiths or practices. Contact Chaplin Fuller at jfuller3@elon.edu for more information about interfaith opportunities on campus.