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Arabic Language Classes

ARB 121: Elementary Arabic I

ARB 122: Elementary Arabic II

ARB 221: Intermediate Arabic I

All Arabic language classes include a rich language learning experience, as well as the opportunity to engage with speaking, writing, cultural practices, and etiquette. These courses are ideal for all students, but may be especially useful to those who are studying abroad and/or participating in service work in Arabic-speaking countries.

Spotlighting Classes on Islam

Some of the courses related to Islam that have been offered in the past have included:

ARH 342: Islamic Art – Ornament and Idolatry

This course examines the artistic traditions of Islam from the 7th to the 21st century. We will consider work that relates specifically to the practice of Islam, such as the mosque or the calligraphy of the Koran, as well as secular art produced under Islamic rule, such as the palace or imperial clothing. Visual material will be organized according to medium such as: architecture, the arts of the book, and the art of the object, as well as form; such as calligraphy, abstract design and when applicable, examples of figural imagery.

POL 365: Political Islam

This course will critically examine and analyze the resurgence of political Islam since the 1970s. Topics of study include, but are not limited to, attitudes towards modernity, democracy, human rights, civil society, gender equality and political ethics. Emphasis will be placed on political actors, groups and movements primarily within the Arab Middle East.

REL 203: Islamic Traditions

This course introduces students to the scripture, doctrines and practices of Islam in the context of Islam’s spread from the Middle East to every region of the modern world. Particular attention will be paid to such issues as communal authority, the Islamic world’s relations with the West and the emergence of new Muslim communities in America and Europe in the 20th and 21st centuries.

REL 364: Approaching the Quran

This course is an introduction to the Quran and its reception in Muslim thought, culture and religiosity. Students become familiar with the traditional Muslim account of the Quran’s origins; the scripture’s major concepts and concerns; dominant trends in its historical and modern interpretation; and various scholarly debates over and approaches to the work.

Middle East Studies Minor

Elon offers a diverse and engaging minor in Middle East Studies, open to students in all areas of study. For more information, please visit the Middle East Studies website.

*Note that courses are subject to change, and there is no guarantee that prior courses will be taught in the future.