Elon University policy for news media interactions

The Office of University Communications publicizes institutional developments, faculty and student achievements, and other news related to the activities of the campus community. The following general policies for Elon employees and students are designed to facilitate positive interactions with the press while keeping communications staff members apprised of campus happenings.

Reactive Contact with News Media

Employees and students are encouraged to alert the Office of University Communications after speaking with a news reporter or when seeking guidance for addressing media requests. While no prior approval is needed in advance of granting interviews on matters related to research, class activities or opinions on current events, only the vice president of University Communications or a designated senior administrator may speak on behalf of institutional positions and priorities. The Elon University News Bureau is a resource for employees or students who wish to seek help with responding to media requests prior to conducting interviews.

Proactive Contact with News Media

University Communications recognizes and values the relationships that employees cultivate with reporters. No prior approval is necessary to directly contact a journalist for a “story pitch,” but when dealing with media, employees must coordinate with the Elon University News Bureau or Athletics media relations for distribution of prepared news releases involving a program, event or activity sponsored by any unit of Elon University.

Guidelines for Promoting News

Any event that an Elon student or employee promotes outside of University Communications channels should also be submitted to E-net for promotion and inclusion on the university calendar. Events should include information related to date, time, location, sponsor, the name of a person to contact for more information, and an email address and phone number for reaching that person. A short summary of the event/program is also useful for reporters.

Policies that Apply to Members of the News Media

Elon University is an open campus for visitors. However, interior access to campus facilities for media is prohibited without prior approval from the Office of University Communications or from the director of media relations for Athletics. These areas include but are not limited to:

  • Elon University School of Law
  • Athletics facilities
  • Belk Library
  • Residence halls
  • Moseley Center
  • Whitley Auditorium
  • The Center for the Arts
  • Dining facilities
  • Classrooms and laboratories

Though the Office of University Communications traditionally approves advance requests for still and video photography, in the event of an emergency, or to limit disruptions to normal university operations, news media may be restricted to certain areas of campus for filming or live broadcasting.

Student media organizations may be offered special access to campus events or facilities in recognition of their unique roles at the university.

Still or video images of campus features may not be used for commercial or promotional purposes outside of scheduled news coverage without approval from the Office of University Communications.

As visitors to campus, news media are expected to abide by all parking and traffic ordinances in effect by the Town of Elon and Elon University.

The Elon University News Bureau is available to assist media with coverage requests. The news bureau, housed within the Office of University Communications, can be reached at (336) 278-7413.

For media requests related to Elon University School of Law, contact (336) 279-9333.