Elon University Fulbright Application Process

Visit the official website for the Fulbright U.S. Student Program


Carefully consider the following before filling out your Intent to Apply form.

Minimum Requirements

  • Must be a U.S. citizen (Fulbright grants are offered through other countries, so international students may be able to apply via their country of permanent residence)
  • Must have obtained a bachelor’s degree before the start of the grant

Qualifications for Competitive Applications

  • Strong academic record (although there is no minimum GPA, we recommend a 3.3 or higher)
  • Excellent letters of recommendation
  • Study/Research applicants: research experience and strong incentive to study in chosen country or postgraduate program
  • ETA applicants: experience working with youth (teaching, tutoring, coaching, or mentoring) and a strong rationale for teaching in your chosen country
  • Demonstrated experience with cross-cultural adaptation
  • Strong alignment between your proposed project and your future career goals
  • Language skills as specified in the country summary (visit the Fulbright website to begin narrowing down your preferred grants by matching your qualifications with those that the host country is seeking)

Internal Application Process  for 2017-18

If you are applying through Elon, please submit the following materials to fellowships@elon.edu no later than June 1, 2017. (Note: all undergraduates are required to apply through Elon; alumni are strongly encouraged to apply through the university they attended most recently but may also apply at large)

  • Intent to Apply
  • Waiver (signed and scanned)
  • Transcript (unofficial transcript via Ontrack is fine)
  • Current resume
  • Recent photo of you (for office use only)

We are available to meet with you to discuss your country choice and answer any questions you may have prior to the June 1 deadline. We are also happy to provide feedback on your essay drafts or outlines prior to the fall semester deadlines. We encourage you to plan ahead, but please keep in mind that our availability will be limited in July.

  • Thurs., Aug. 17: Fulbright writing workshop from 4:00-5:00 PM EST (live webinar via WebEx – www.elon.edu/webex)
  • Thurs., Aug. 24: Due: draft #1 of PS and GS
  • Week of Aug. 28: Conference with primary advisor
  • Friday, Sept. 1: Short Response Workshop from 4:00-5:15
  • Week of Sept. 4: Conference with primary advisor. Due: draft #2 of PS and GS AND draft of short answer questions
  • Friday, Sept. 8: Fulbright mentoring session with Fulbright Campus Committee (“speed dating”) 2:00-5:00 PM
  • Week of Sept. 11: Conference with secondary advisor. Due: draft #3 of entire application
    Prepare for Fulbright interview
  • Sunday, Sept. 17: Internal deadline for final application (submit entire application via the Embark system by 8pm)
  • Wed. Sept. 20 – Wed. Sept. 27: Evaluative interviews with Fulbright Campus Committee (final revisions based on committee feedback due one week after your interview and no later than Wed. Oct. 4)
  • Oct. 6: External deadline for online submission (submit through the Embark system)
    You did it! Come relax and enjoy treats in Powell 108 from 1:30-3:00.
  • January: Notifications emailed to Fulbright Semi-Finalists recommended by the National Screening Committee
  • March-May: Notifications emailed to Fulbright Finalists who are offered a grant; press release on Fulbright Students who have accepted awards

Applicant Resources

Resources for Letter of Recommendation Writers

Thank you for supporting a Fulbright applicant by writing letters of recommendation on his or her behalf! You will receive an email from Embark with log-in credentials to submit your reference through Fulbright’s online application system. Below are links to the Fulbright website for instructions on writing and submitting your letter of recommendation.

We also encourage you to visit NIFO’s Information for Letter of Recommendation Writers page for general tips and guidelines for writing letters of recommendation for fellowship applicants. The National and International Fellowships Office can answer your questions about recommendation letters.  We’re also happy to read drafts of references and provide feedback at the request of referees, ideally before you submit your reference through the online system.

Elon’s Fulbright Campus Committee

The Fulbright Committee assists with mentoring, interviewing, and evaluating Elon’s Fulbright applicants, including both current students and alumni applying through Elon University. The following faculty and staff currently serve on the committee:

  • Janet Myers, Director of National and International Fellowships and Professor of English, Chair
  • Sarah Lentz, Associate Director of National and International Fellowships
  • Sophie Adamson, Associate Professor of French
  • Crista Arangala, Professor of Mathematics
  • Wally Bixby, Professor of Exercise Science
  • Janelle Decato, Assistant Director of Study Abroad
  • Brian Digre, Professor of History
  • Shereen Elgamal, Lecturer in Arabic
  • Bob Frigo, Associate Director, Kernodle Center
  • Jason Kirk, Associate Professor of Political Science and Policy Studies
  • Ketevan Kupatadze, Senior Lecturer in Spanish
  • Aisha Mitchell, Assistant Director of Corporate and Employer Relations, Elon College
  • Carmen Monico, Assistant Professor of Human Service Studies
  • Samuele Pardini, Associate Professor of Italian
  • Ashley Pinney, Associate Director of Corporate and Employer Relations, School of Communications
  • Scott Windham, Associate Professor of German
  • Shanna Van Beek, Assistant Director of Study Abroad
  • Jennifer Zinchuk, Assistant Professor of English