1.0 Purpose

Elon University provides computer labs across campus for use by faculty, staff, and students. Additionally, Campus Technology Support maintains and supports computers, supplies, and maintenance requests for these areas in support of the University’s mission. By using University computer labs, users agree to abide by the guidelines listed below. Additional policies may also apply to specific systems (such as acceptable usage, email, and Web) and are posted on the Technology Policies page. Any questions regarding this and other policies should be addressed to the Assistant Vice President for Technology.

2.0 Scope

This policy applies to all users of Elon University computer labs.

3.0 Policy

3.1 Acceptable Use

When logging onto computers in a University lab, make sure to log in with your credentials. Your account and network connection are for your individual use. A computer account is to be used only by the person to whom it has been issued. You are responsible for all actions originating through your account or network connections on a computer in a University lab. You must not impersonate others, misrepresent yourself, or conceal your identity in actions performed on these machines. If a user is in a lab and a class starts, the user will need to find another location to work.

3.2 Respect the privacy and security of others

Unless information is specifically made public or accessible to you, you should assume anything on the network is private. If a previous user has forgotten to log out of a lab computer, you should log out of that user’s account and log in with your own credentials. Any attempt to circumvent computer, network, or file security is prohibited. Additionally, if you are using a computer lab outside of class, you should be mindful of others in the lab in regards to noise and activity.

3.3 Respect the property and rooms utilized for computer labs

The computer labs are designed to be spaces for classes and as places for students to utilize for schoolwork in a quiet, peaceful environment. In order for computer labs to remain useful to the University population, they must be well cared for and maintained. In order to do this, there are several things Information Technology asks of the Elon community:

  • General Care of Labs:It is an expectation of all Elon University students, faculty, and staff that the computer labs are to be respected and cared for at all times. Computer labs should be left as they are found. If there have been any alterations to a computer lab, we ask the university community to take the proper steps to restore labs to their proper order. This means that users of computer labs should not remove or unplug any items such as keyboards, mice, monitors, DVD drives, or CPUs.
  • Chairs: Chairs in computer labs should not be removed.
  • Supplies: Computer lab supplies are monitored by Campus Technology Support staff. Do not remove supplies from the computer labs. If supplies are missing, contact the Technology Service Desk.
  • Food & Drink: Food & Drink are not allowed in Elon University computer labs.
  • Doors: Doors to the computer labs should be left unlocked, unless otherwise specified.
  • Cleanliness: Keeping the computer labs clean is a community effort. Please be mindful of cleaning up after yourself. If something is damaged, destroyed, or dirty, please report these issues to the Technology Service Desk.
  • Computer Maintenance: Lab computers are maintained by Campus Technology Support. If you are experiencing problems with computers located in a lab, you should report them to the Technology Service Desk.
  • Cables: There is no reason for students, faculty, or staff to alter any cabling in a computer lab without the supervision of a CTS professional staff member. Cabling should not be untied, nor should cable cubbies be taken down. If you have a problem with cabling in a computer lab, contact the Technology Service Desk for assistance.
  • Do Not Unplug Equipment: Equipment in University computer labs should not be unplugged for any reason. The computers in labs are there for use by university members, so there is no need for faculty, students, or staff to unplug university computer lab equipment in favor of using their own personal devices.
  • Turn Off Equipment When Finished: In order to conserve energy and extend the life of lab equipment, we ask that individuals using the computer lab turn off all lights and equipment when they are finished using the room. This includes shutting down projectors and AV units through the Crestron panel.

To address problems or concerns with the issues outlined above, contact the Technology Service Desk at (336) 278-5200 for assistance.

3.4 Computer Lab Reservations

Computer Labs may be reserved through SPACES on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please note that classes needing a computer lab will take precedence over other requests.