Alexis MooreIn the realm of physician assistant education, Alexis Moore stands out as a seasoned and caring educator. She specializes in the history and physical examination course sequence, shaping the foundation for future clinicians by cultivating patient-centered and thoughtful approaches to patient interactions.

Moore distinguishes herself through innovative teaching methodologies, delving into metacognition, introducing schema exercises and the virtual reality learning platform, v-cases. This strategic integration prompts students to explore the “why” behind their questions, fostering critical reasoning early in the curriculum.

As part of her Special Populations course, Moore’s public health background takes center stage. Learners connect strongly with her passion, expressed through dynamic discussions, projects and community engagement initiatives like the Start Early in Medicine program, which focuses on exposing minority males to careers in medicine. Students welcome her ability to address power differentials, promote inclusive discussions and empower them to navigate systemic injustices in health care.

“Dr. Moore calls attention to some really important aspects of medicine,” wrote a student in a recent course evaluation. “I also really like that she allows time for some personal reflection as I believe this enhances our learning.”

On the national stage, Moore’s abstracts have been accepted for presentation at the PA Education Association’s annual Education Forum for three consecutive years. Her commitment to metacognition, showcased in these presentations, exemplifies Elon’s teacher-scholar model.