A boundary-pushing professor in Elon’s growing classical studies program, Kristina Meinking consistently challenges herself and students to recontextualize how ancient ideas continue to shape our current world. She is known for the creative ways she approaches courses in Latin, mythology and civilization, and how she empowers students to find meaning in age-old texts that expand their cognition and inform their critical analysis of concepts beyond the classroom.

Her innovative approach to inclusive and engaged pedagogical strategies across teaching and mentoring contexts is a model for other Elon faculty and led to her being named the inaugural Trustee Chair for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching in spring 2023.

In the classroom, Meinking emphasizes collaboration and values student-driven learning. Her focus centers on cultivating questions, shared experiences and sparking inquiries that transcend the course. She strives to disrupt the prevailing model of passive learning, which she believes most students have grown accustomed to, aiming for an engaged and proactive approach to education.

“Dr. Meinking has made an indelible impression upon my academic experience. She has raised the standard I have for educators in any discipline, at any institution.”

– Jasper Serenity Myers ’24  

Her enthusiasm for teaching, focus on peer feedback and self-reflection through ungrading encourages students to think deeply about their learning. “My courses emphasize community and the unique value of what we as group of people can explore and discover,” Meinking says, “and how we can trust and inspire one another to dig deeper, take intellectual risks and learn together.”