portrait of Mustafa AkbenAssistant Professor of Management Mustafa Akben is known for engaging students in active learning activities to foster several critical learning objectives — from hosting escape rooms and Shark Tank simulations to cornhole motivation and perception and attention games.

This past fall, Akben integrated artificial intelligence (AI) into his strategic planning, management and organizational behavior courses. Students engage in conversations with historical figures like Socrates and Frederick Taylor through dedicated websites, exploring both course-related topics and the personal lives of these figures. The “Mock Interview App by Dr. Moose” aids students in refining their interview skills, fostering a personalized learning experience. AI-driven chat bots embedded within Moodle guide students toward answers, emphasizing critical thinking and active participation.

“The idea that a computer is able to spit out information as though they are Frederick Taylor explains how innovative the world is today,” says finance major Madison Rooney ’26. “It is a great concept to be shown within classroom settings.”

Akben emphasizes that AI is not merely a tool but represents the future of education. Addressing concerns about AI replacing human interaction, Akben believes thoughtful design is key, ensuring AI tools facilitate interaction with course materials and encourage collaborative discussions, idea exchange and a sense of community within the classroom.