Elon By Design uses design thinking to help you

Find Your Path

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Elon By Design uses design thinking to help you

Deepen Learning

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Elon By Design uses design thinking to help you

Develop Skills

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Elon By Design uses design thinking to help you

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Design Forge 2024: March 13-15: 

Designing for Well-being

Like prior years, we spent time together exploring the how-might-we question in an environment that is part design and part convening, launching new relationships and generating questions, resources, ideas, and frameworks that advance the value and impact of design thinking practices.



The 2023 Annual Report

If you want to learn more about the Annual Report and get more updates about the Center for Design Thinking: 

Find Your Path

Elon By Design offers many design thinking pathways to develop and apply design thinking skills.

Design workshop with Elon town members.


The Center for Design Thinking offers a workshop series where you can develop the confidence and ability to apply design thinking to challenges.

Dawan Stanford leads a workshop at Design Forge conference.


We create events with students, faculty, staff, the Elon community and others to connect design thinking to courses, co-curricular activities and community projects.

Sign on Maker Hub Downtown wall.


Space matters. Elon By Design’s unique experiences happen in unique spaces on campus.

Deepen Learning

What is design thinking? How do I learn and apply it? Why does it matter? Elon By Design offers hands-on experiences that address these questions and more.

Learning Pathways

We generate multiple pathways for Elon students, faculty and staff to gain the confidence and ability to apply design thinking to challenges.

The Basics

Elon By Design created a unique approach to design thinking from three fundamental building blocks: process, methods and mindset.


Our curated list of design thinking resources is intended to support the learning pathways and provide examples of how design thinking practitioners drive innovation with design thinking.

Develop Skills

Design thinking is a practitioner's art. Elon By Design’s workshops, events and projects are all hands-on experiences that facilitate learning by doing.

Design Thinking Logo

Applying Design Thinking

Experiencing an entire design process a few times is the best way to learn. Join an experience or work with us to weave design thinking into your project, course, organization, research or service learning.

Students leading a design thinking workshop.

Leading Design Thinking

Leading people though a design process combines design thinking with change management, storytelling and facilitation. We help you navigate your first design thinking leadership experiences.

Expand Connections

Elon By Design connects people across campus and works to bring you the best of design thinking from around the world.

Powerful Connections

We listen to Elon students, faculty and staff. We engage with design thinking practitioners and scholars. Schedule a conversation with Elon By Design about design thinking.

Meaningful Stories

As we learn and explore, we share stories about what works and why and how design thinking is developing as a practice and teaching and learning opportunity.

Amplify Impact

Elon By Design works with partners to achieve more on campus and beyond.

Students participating in Design for America.

Service and Community

We work with students, faculty and staff to incorporate design thinking into service learning and projects that support the local Elon community.

Students having a conversation in Maker Hub.

Designing Elon

Can design thinking support you in the conversations and projects that shape Elon’s learning environment? Yes, it can.

Group of educators meeting about Design Thinking.

Design Thinking in Higher Education

We participate in an international network, the Future of Design in Higher Education, interested in design education and how design thinking can contribute to student learning.